New 30% Discount on Galactic Starcruiser for Disney Visa Card Holders

This is one step closer to a direct discount offered to the general public.

How soon will we see a direct discount on the Starcruiser offered to the general public?

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They can’t give this away :rofl:

When did the first discount of this magnitude become available? A month ago? I’ll say by June 1 we’ll see public discounts


They tried. This was a contest reward a little while back, wasn’t there? I seem to recall this. :rofl:

The real question here is how soon before it gets “reimagined”

Probably into a DVC property… :laughing:


You mean to what it should have been all along?

I’d be interested to stay there, if the cost were not prohibitive.
I have less than zero desire to engage in or witness cosplay


Maybe they’ll re-imagine the old Fort Wilderness cabins into a lower cost alternative.

mel brooks comedy GIF by HULU


Is this the best discount so far? Haven’t paid too much attention, but for the right price DH would love it.


that part doesn’t bug me. That can give ambiance to the whole shindig.

It’s the LARPing that turns me away. I can’t even seriously consider characters as being “real” during a meal in the Parks, I certainly can’t see myself spending $5000 for 2 days to do it with Star Wars characters.

Or the horrid Lightsaber training. I could possibly stomach problem A if problem B here would be rectified.


OK I’m not nerdy enough - please explain the difference between cosplay and LARP. I thought they were kind of the same :thinking:

Yes, only direct discounts previously have been for DVC and AP holders at the same discount rate.

Another discount was to pay full price for Starcruiser and get a discount on your stay at another WDW resort.

It’s the same 30% off they’ve offered to DVC holders. Oh and I guess AP

It’s just trickling down, slowly as it may be, to gen pop when it fails to net the sales they are after.

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Cosplay is just dressup. Kids on halloween.

LARPing is “Live Action Role Playing” …you ACT like you’re actually a Jedi and have all the powers available to you. This is what the Characters do in the parks when you talk to them.


OK then it’s the LARP I don’t like.

Knock yourself out with the dress-up thing.


If they follow how they typically offer room discounts, first they offer discounts to AP, then a little later they offer a similar offer to Disney Visa, and then a few weeks later a slightly smaller discount offer to the general public.


I may just have to get a Disney Visa now. We are introverts and I haven’t updated my TR yet on the GSC but we had a great time and would do it again if the cost were less (for the whole trip too). It is a remarkable experience and if you love Star Wars it is amazing.

Btw, the lightsaber training was done exceptionally well, I may have teared up a bit at the end and would have enjoyed doing more of it. Please don’t bash something like this unless you have done it yourself @Randall1028.



It is bad. Full stop.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, but i don’t need to “experience it” to know it’s garbage.

No it isn’t. You talk of things you know nothing about, youngling.


Utter nonsense. I’ve done more than my fair share of research on it. It’s uncreative, uninspired, and focuses more on guest throughput than it does on the actual experience.

It’s flippin’ laser tag with a lightwand.

I don’t somehow need to drop $5000 to experience it “first hand” to confirm it’s garbage.

You know nothing Jon Snow.


I know not to waste $5000 on stupid garbage like that.