Never in my life see universal like this

Curious if things were more manageable yesterday (Wed) and today (Thurs). Weekends, particularly a holiday weekend, I would expect to be busy. However, I’m hoping middle of the week isn’t as bad.

Not sure about universal but Disney is extremely busy. It’s run better than universal but we’re standing in very long lines without fastpasses and those lines are in the sun due to social distancing so it’s very uncomfortable and exhausting to be honest. I’d have to say as much as I love the theme parks im not coming back till this is over. It’s been a worse experience personally. Not that there aren’t great moments of course but significantly more uncomfortable with longer waits and social distancing stress.


So crowds weren’t because of Columbus Day.



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Thinking of going on Wed and using Express pass…hopefully it’s lighter than this!


I will be there tomorrow. Hoping non holiday Monday will be a lot lighter!


Best of luck. I did notice less people during early entry yesterday compared to last weekend but midday crowds seemed about the same. This makes me think more out of towners for holiday last weekend but even normal weekends get crowded later in the day from locals. When we got off Hagrids at 812 am yesterday and it was empty and quiet (and a cold front had come thru) DD13 said this is more like it. It stayed comfortable both in crowds and temp until about 11am and then it was people everywhere and hot hot hot. Oh yeah it was also easier to get a virtual line pass yesterday at the 9am drop but we tried at 8:54am so try a little early. I’ve heard they release about 10 min early. So definitely less people in the AM