Nervous About Boulder Ridge Renovations

Thoughts? BR dvc studios sleeps. 5 I’m kind of nervous with the renovations scheduled for 2022. Do you think they will change it to sleep 4 like the CC studious?

No way! I think how many sleep in each room is a set. SSR is adding to 5 in a 1 bedroom but you could always have 5.

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@Nickysyme, do you know the details on room capacities. I was thinking it was size but then I realized OKW holds 4.

I responded to you on chat as well, but why do you think they would take away the 5th sleeper?

SSR and OKW never had the 5th sleepers so they just got renovated per usual. I know at SSR when they have added the 5th person to the 1-bedrooms it has been a pain for booking because you can’t book them for 5 until they are all renovated. So maybe they just didn’t want to deal with that in studios?

I thought SSR 1 bedrooms were always like BWV 1 bedroom- you can add the 5th?


It’s possible, but I thought the only reason some of those 1-bedrooms “slept” 5 was because they didn’t want to have a 1-bedroom sleep fewer than a studio. I definitely know on Facebook there were folks having trouble booking 5 in a 1-bedroom prior to all the preferred being updated. I guess I could check and see if you can book 5 in a standard 1-bedroom now.

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I think you had to call because it was “provide your own bedding”?

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So you still can’t even technically book 5 online in the preferred rooms at SSR that did add the pull-down bed. It’s purely conjecture, but maybe they didn’t want to have to deal with changing that in the studios.

" 1-Bedroom Villa Preferred Room

Sleeps Up to 4

Preferred categories are located in The Springs and Congress Park.
1 king-size bed, 1 queen-size sleeper sofa
5th guest can be accommodated, but please note that no additional bedding, linens or towels will be provided."

It makes more sense to me anyway that a 1-bedroom would sleep 5 over a studio. It’s actually one of the reasons we bought at SSR!

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It was more of a concern that they might make them match the copper creek villas… basically same resort but not… and it’s my luck

When they added the pull down beds in studios and it left the 1-beds in the same resort with a lower capacity, like BCV, BWV, SSR and others they evident to allow owners booking through DVC to have a 5th person in the room to nullify the anomaly.

You cannot book that room on cash through Disney for 5 people.

CCV is a hard 4 in a 1-bed and a studio die to size. Not sure if there are others in that position.

Some like OKW and BLT have a limit of 4 in a studio I think but have the sleeper chair in the 1-bed.

IMO they should never have added the extra bed to the studios where they couldn’t do the same in a 1-bed. In BCV for example, the layout of the room means they can’t add a pull-down bed to the living room.

SSR refurbs have remedied the situation there. Don’t think BCV and BWV can be changed.

I really don’t see them taking out the pull down bed from the studios that have them though.

There isn’t a pull-down bed in the SSR studios though. I think that’s part of the OP’s concern, that they didn’t add them there. They are only in the 1-bed.

I think that’s because they aren’t updating the website until the refurb is done. I’m pretty sure you can book 5 yourself if you actually go through, just like you can book 5 yourself at BCV and BWV online. Not aware you have to call, assuming you are logged in.

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You quoted the blurb for the 1-bedrooms. That’s why I mentioned them.

But it is correct that the studios at SSR are not having a pull down added.

But BRV already have them and I doubt they will be taken out.


No problem, I guess I am curious now why they ever allowed 5 in either the studio or the 1-bedroom at SSR! I understand why they let 5 into the 1-bedrooms at BRV and BC/BW because it seems unfair to sleep MORE in a studio, but SSR 1-beds never slept 5 until the recent reno which isn’t even done.

You can’t have 5 in a studio at SSR even as a DVC owner.

I guess they’re trying to allow 5 in as many 1-beds as possible where space allows. CCV won’t be changed because of space issues.

Just as they’re intending to replace the pull-out sofas in all 1-beds. All except OKW where it seems it’s just not possible.

To be honest they probably shouldn’t have made any studios sleep 5, except maybe for the Poly where there aren’t any other options (discounting the bungalows). Then they wouldn’t have had this anomaly problem.


I think it just proves that DVC isn’t super interested in consistency! lol

I think they’re trying to make it more consistent, having made the error in the first place.

My mind is officially boggled. In every hotel I’ve ever stayed in, you can always ring housekeeping for more linens and towels. Why would they not provide additional linens and towels just because it’s for a fifth person? :thinking:

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They don’t allow cash bookings for 5. Allowing members to book for 5 is a sop to assuage the anomaly. The rooms really aren’t big enough for another bed, even a rollaway.

I guess they think if they did provide linens the question would be why not beds? And it would also encourage it when they really don’t want people booking for 5.

They shouldn’t have put the pull down in the studios IMO.

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I feel like if you just called and asked for extra towels and blankets I am sure they would bring it to you. The housekeeping staff is not the capacity police. The thing they just DON’T want to say in the description is “We aren’t providing that 5th person an actual place to sleep. Enjoy the couch cushions.”