Need Your Thoughts on Yachtsman Steakhouse

I’m thinking about changing from California Grill to Yachtsman Steakhouse since we’ll be doing Epcot and HS that day. What are your thoughts about this place?

I’ve never heard a bad thing about Yachtsman that I can recall.

But giving up CG? You’re killing me!! :wink:


Cue my entrance music… Yachtsman is the only restaurant in wdw I will never return to. The food was good but the waitress treated my son and I so “weirdly”. I had the distinct impression she did not want to wait on us (maybe it was that she stood 4-5 feet from our table- I swear we didn’t smell). It left such an impression on both of us- never again.


@OBNurseNH & @PrincipalTinker - How am I supposed to choose if you give me such conflicting stories??? :wink:

I guess DH and I will look at menus to see which we would prefer. I am trying to make this trip relaxing and not run, run, run, run.

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Did you speak with a manager? I can see why you wouldn’t want to go back, but I would say this reflects on that particular cast member more than the overall establishment

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Well then if that’s your goal and the plan of the day is Epcot, I would say Yachtsman is your friend

Or similar - how about Le Cell?

That is true. To be honest, she’s probably not there anymore…

I’m trying to add a couple of new restaurants to this trip, otherwise we’d just do Flying Fish again. Actually, I wanted mostly new ones, but so far we have RR X 2, Akershus, and Sanaa; right now the only two ADRs I’ve made that we haven’t been to are CG and Jiko. We liked Le Cellier, though, but I’d like to pick something new. I do like the idea of watching HEA from CG, though.


We watched that CM interact, and serve orders to, all her other customers that arrived 30,40 minutes after us. Funny, I remember Maly had a pretty bad experience with her mom too. I don’t know why- it just is. I may not care for food at some places but I will give them a 2nd chance (in theory) I will never go into that restaurant again.

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That’s lousy that happned to you :frowning:

Wow, i am so sorry you had such a bad experience with a waitress there. I think the steak and most definitely the atmosphere is superior to LeCelliere.

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Pretty lousy, for sure.

CG you must :grinning:

We have eaten at Yachtsman several times and enjoyed it very much. I cut my filet with a fork it was so tender. We had great service. I would definitely return. I’m not sure I would give up CG for it though (but I might if the location fit better into my plans).

@PrincipalTinker–I’m really sorry and rather shocked you had such a bad experience.

Love CG every time - food, service, ambience all flawless. Only tried Yachtsman once and found all of those to be lacking. Keep California Grill!!

A bad experience, especially at a signature restaurant, makes a lasting impression and with all the other choices at WDW I can understand why @PrincipalTinker chooses not to go back.

Fortunately my experiences at Yachtsman have been very pleasant.

One interesting thing I have noticed is that dining at Boardwalk area signatures restaurants seems to intentionally progress at a slower pace, in order to promote a finer dining experience. If you are planning to attend a night time show (i.e. Fantasmic) then plan accordingly.


Visiting in May and considered the Yachtsman but didn’t like the decor–too plain. Made resizes at Jiko instead…I know totally different menu and experience.

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Great food. DS has insisted we go back again. I did feel a little bit patronised by my server who was an older gentleman - very polite and helpful, and it could have just been his manner with everyone or it could have been that DS then 11 and I didn’t look like we had much experience at fancy restaurants. I actually do think it was just his manner with everyone, but it irked me slightly at the time, I felt I was being talked down to.

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Are you talking about the Yachtsman? That’s what I’m assuming.

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After sleeping on it, I think I’ll keep the CG ADR. We only want to see one thing at HS (Frozen show).