Need some advanced Liner input ... is there a way to make this work? -UPDATE - I got the 6th night at BLT!

I booked a WDW trip for next fall at BLT for 5 nights in a 1 Bedroom (booked through WDW website … I know, it would have been cheaper to rent points but I didn’t want to go that route).

I wanted to book 6 nights, but the 1 Bedroom wasn’t available on the 6th night so I booked 5 nights.

Today, my parents decided to also go to WDW while my family is there and booked a Studio at BLT for the same 5 nights. Even if my family stays a 6th night, my parents are not interested in staying for a 6th night, but the Studio room they booked is available for a 6th night.

I know I can book a different room at BLT for my family for the 6th night (there are Studios available), but I’m not eager to deal with the delay between checking-out and checking-in and moving our stuff to bell services and then back to the new room.

It hit me … if my parents booked a 6th night in their Studio, I could move my family’s stuff to the Studio in the morning and not have to deal with the delay between checking-in and checking-out of a random room. I would reimburse my parents for the cost of the extra night.

Then I started thinking about the complications … it would cause an issue with my parents taking DME back to the airport after the 5th night when they still technically “have the room for 1 more night” … and DME would be an issue for me too since WDW would show me checking out the night before. And then the issue of the magic bands opening up the door. My family would not be going to the parks the last day so at least FP booking is not an issue for the last day. Seems like there should be a logical way to do this, but there are many complications so maybe best to forget about it.

Is there a way to make this work that I’m missing?

I think you identified all of the pitfalls. I’ll think on it some but I think you are out of luck.

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The only way I see this working is for both your parents and your family to either Uber/Lyft, private car service, mini van back to the airport. You might also have an issue if you want to resort airline check your luggage- BLT checked my resort reservation in August.

Since you don’t need FPs you could also just borrow your parents MBs and maybe their MDE log in (unlock door feature). They will not need their MBs.


Couldn’t disney just swap reservations for you? Then just stay in whatever room you want?

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Just call Disney and ask them to switch who is on the reservations.

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Unfortunately, you can’t just “swap” reservations or switch names as you can’t change the name of a lead guest on a reservation. If you went that route, you would literally need to cancel both reservations then re-book your parents into the 1-bedroom for 5 nights and your family into the studio for 6 nights. Then you would need to figure out a way for your parents to open the studio door and for you to open the 1-bedroom (if you have extra magic bands from a previous trip, that would work). Honestly, it seems like a lot of hassle to me. Regardless of whether you took over their room or booked your own studio for 1-night, you still have to pack up all of your stuff. If you book your own room, you are only out of the room for up to 4 hours between check-in and check-out. Personally, I would just give my luggage to bell services, go to a late breakfast/early lunch, go to a park or Disney Springs and then come back to the new room. Then you don’t have to jump through hoops to make it work. I would also simply keep looking for that 6th night to open up for the 1-bedroom.


They changed the lead guest on a reservation for me just a few weeks ago…

Another idea is to put you & mom in one room, DH and dad in the other rooms then you both have access to each other’s rooms.

So #1: DMom, you, kids- 6 nights
#2: DDad, DH-5 nights.

DMom can just stay with dad in #2 and DH can stay in #1 with you & kids.



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Couldn’t you just book a studio for your family for the last night, then, when you get there, have them transfer your parents’ room to you? I assume your ressies will be linked, so it should be doable for the front desk.

By the way, are you doing a DP? Watch your strategy doesn’t affect your DP, if you are.

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That gives you keys but I don’t see that as the main issue. Taking the other MBs will allow you access to the room on the only night you need access. Splitting the lead still does not give both groups DME access on the correct days?


I’m assuming the person you changed as the lead was already listed on the reservation? WDW will not simply allow a change of lead guest. This rules has been in place for many, many years. If you are going to completely change lead guests on a reservation (when that guest isn’t already listed in the room), it requires a re-book and a potential loss of any discounts.

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If the parents are only booked for 5 nights it may not be possible for the front desk to simply give the room to the poster’s family for the 6th night. Rooms are assigned many days ahead of time and it’s like a game of tetris to fit all guests into booked rooms for their lengths of stay. The front desk could certainly try to give the family the room, but it’s still going to be a check-in/check-out situation as housekeeping needs to clean the room. There is zero way, I personally, would try to coordinate the front desk and housekeeping on this. In WDW, I’ve found, the right hand does not always talk to the left hand and it’s setting yourself up for something that probably won’t work out. Anyway you slice it, if the poster can’t get the 1-bedroom for the sixth night, they are going to run into a hassle somewhere - MBs, Magical Express, etc. Their best bet is to simply keep trying to extend the 1-bedroom for the 6th night or simply book a second, 1-night reservation. Why create a headache for yourself if you don’t have to?

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That won’t work. It depends on check-in and check-out dates for other rooms in that category and how they are staggered. If I book a studio separately for 1 night, it might not fit within the rest of the room schedule for WDW to put me in the same room my parents had been in.


Yes, I will check often for the availability of a 1 bedroom for the 6th night as that would be the ideal solution. It may or may not work out.

No … so that’s not an issue. I did DP once years ago and it was clear we lost money on it (and DP was a better deal back then). We don’t drink anything other than water and rarely order desserts.

Having a room during the check-in/check-out window makes a big difference to us. That 4 hour window is right during DS2 naptime and he won’t nap in the stroller (or for that matter anywhere other than a bed in a dark room).

As an aside I’ve never understood how so many parents get their kids to nap in strollers. Both of mine stopped during that around age 1. If they are up too long, they will get cranky … but don’t fall asleep.

DME don’t check IDs, do they? All you need is someone to have the appropriate letter (which you will receive under the door of the room checking out) and booking details (which will match whatever flight - or none - you give them).

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Ah - yes, having a 2-year old puts a kink in that check-in/check-out situation. I remember those days!! I would definitely just keep looking for that 6th night to open for you as you have some time!

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