Need help with Pop Century Room Request

Hey guys, we will be arriving on Dec 4th for 7 days at Pop. I really want to request a refurbished room with the queen bed and Murphy bed. We are booked for a standard view and would rather be facing the lake than the pool. Can anyone give me some suggestions of what to select with the Touring plans room request since it doesn’t have an option to search for refurbished rooms.


The refub rooms are in the 80s and 90s I believe. Not overlooking the lake at all.

It’s apparently buildings 10, 9, 8, and 7 that are done, so as you said the 80s and 90s along with half of the 70s. I don’t need to be looking at the lake I just want a quite room, as Pop Warner Championships will be going on and I expect the resort to be full. I’ve narrowed down to room 9141 in Building 9. Its in the middle of the building and first floor so we wont have to climb the steps. .

My next question is, is there away to modify the automated room request touring plans sends out. I want to make sure the room request explains that I want a refurbished room in building 9 on the first floor that is away from the pool.
scratch that I see the big edit fax button. I wasn’t thinking “fax” so it didn’t dawn on me to click on it.

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Yes, use that edit fax button. I would say precisely what you’ve said in this post - a refurb’d room in building 9 away from the pool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist. Here is my request.

I would delete that whole line under “For Our Upcoming Stay…” It’s too much information and some have reported that CMs have no idea what a “w-facing room” would be. Select a block and insert that instead - the room you mention above as well as those around it would be a good start.

Then your special requests will make more sense.

That top part was not touched by me but automated by the touring plan system. So I’m assuming that exactly what they are used to see, I simply added the lower info

I know it wasn’t created by you. I’m sharing what others have had CMs say about that line. I would edit the line if it were me. But you can leave it that way if you prefer. Just sharing what works :slight_smile:

Ahh Okay I’ll make some adjustments

I’ve changed that line to

Bldg 9, 1st Floor, away from pool. Example:9141,9142,9140,9139,9143

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Actually that line is in room assigner-speak and the room assigners will know exactly what that means. The other box is to clarify or prioritize.

Just sharing the feedback I’ve heard from others

As am I - including from a former room assigner.

So which room did you stay in? We are going next month and would love to stay in an updated room. We also booked standard view.

Which rooms have the queen bed and the murphy bed? I’m trying to figure out what to request for our stay in march.

We have a “Standard pool view” reservation (it’s the cheapest that was available.)

Currently buildings 6, 7, 8, 9, & 10 have refurbished rooms - queen + queen Murphy. Though by March building 5 may be completed.

So my top priority was refurb’d room. And of all those buildings that have them I was put in 50s.


Please share how this went. We are booking Pop for a stay the first week in Dec of this year! Curious to know your thoughts on the crowds from the Championships. Thanks!

I think the main thing to keep in mind is it seems everyone wants a refurbished room, but not all of the rooms are refurbished. Unless the resort is only at the occupancy level of completed rooms, they simply are not going to be able to meet everyone’s request.

It never hurts to request - I do it as well (not at Pop because I do NOT like the looks of the new rooms) - and I think they try to do their best, but they can only work with what they have.

I know this past weekend was Marathon weekend, and a lot of the people I know who run it LOVE Pop - and many of them are still there, so odds are most of them if they did requests had “close to the buses” as their primary request to minimize extra walking - and my guess is also a lot of them were also further than they’d like because there are only so many rooms “close” to busses.