Need a recommendation for a great park backpack for DH

Hello everyone! I want to get DH a new backpack for our Nov. trip to replace our old one and would love some recommendations. I would like it to be lightweight but durable and large enough to stash our gear (4 ponchos, snacks, maybe a few sweatshirts, etc) but small enough to easily be thrown in the stroller bin. Tall order, I know. I’m thinking maybe LL Bean is a good place to start?

@MrsIncredible I just got a great backpack at Eddie Bauer. They were on sale. It’s really nice. Not cheap but I know it will last a long time. They get great reviews. We love it😉

@camsdad carrys a VB backpack while touring the parks. (He did on my last 2 trips anyway.)

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Osprey makes a wide variety of packs. I used a 34L pack on our last two trips. 34L, though, is way too much room and that size backpack is a pain to take on most rides. I think something in the 20L range would be sufficient for my family. Whatever you do, or wherever you buy them from, try to get to a place like REI to try them on first.

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Pink is your color :slight_smile:

I’ve had two Oakley backpacks. The ones that make sunglasses, and they have both been great. They make one that is called wet/dry with separate compartments so wet clothes do not damage electronics etc. They are a little pricy (80-120) but I think very worth it.

Instead of a backpack, my DH often carries what we refer to as his man bag. It’s a cross body style gray Swiss Army bag. I got it at Target several years ago (for our first WDW trip as a family in 2010 actually) and I used it until I replaced that with a Vera cross body. Then I realized it was perfect for DH. But Swiss Army has a lot of options and is very durable and manly.

I really like timbuk2’s stuff. Its american made and really high quality. They have awesome messenger bags, laptop backpacks and pretty much everything else. I use a laptop bag and love its size and how sturdy it is!

I really like this messenger and its on sale today for $49.50 (noticed as I went to look for a pic… lol)

I use a backpack from REI as our park bag. It can fit two Nalgene bottles on the outside and fits our rain jackets, snacks and small souvenirs. REI is the place I would look. You might want to bring your ponchos to the store to test out backpacks - you don’t want to buy one too big since it will become a hassle.

We carry a Jansport backpack. You can get a bunch of different sizes and they are light. I have a print that is unisex. They are also a little waterproof. I love my VB backpack but it gets hot. The Jansport backpacks do not.

Not the best choice for your husband anyways, but just in case any ladies are looking…I would NOT recommend a Vera Bradley backpack. I bought one for the park, and I love the backpack, but it is TERRIBLY hot to wear. Just a heads up.

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Just happened to be looking through an LL Bean catalog this morning and there are definitely a lot of good options there, too.

My DH has a hydration backpack that we use. I can’t remember the name but we fill it with water although I’m sure other things can be added as well.

We have this one and take turns wearing it:

Its very lightweight and a good size, the only downside is no outside small pockets. Its also pretty affordable!

Note: Not in that color! DH does draw the line somewhere, and I think its at hot pink :smile:

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I like lots of different pockets to keep myself organized and put a lot of things within easy reach (in their own compartment). As such, this is the backpack I am currently using:

We have this one but ours is, coincidentally, Liners red :slight_smile: I bought it specificallyl for our WDW trip in 2010 and I LOVE this bag. I use it a lot for other day tripping. It is perfect and very durable besides. My husband always remarks at what a good find it was (that I found)

I kid you not, this is totally the backpack I’m bringing - I don’t think I’ll loose it in the pile at airport security.

(But for real - Jansports are great - just roomy enough for a few water bottles and ponchos and only 2 areas for bag check to look into!)

This thread has had me looking at backpacks for the last 30 minutes!!! Now, I feel like I need a new one. I think I found my WDW BACKPACK!


This is the backpack I used on our last trip;

It’s a Maxpedition gearslinger. Comfortable for me, single cross body strap, holds a decent amount without being too big. Note however the shape. Not good for carrying large items – a 12 x 10 text fits in it, but anything with larger dimensions may not. I got it from eBags, I believe. It also comes in other colors…