NC Liner meet!

Ok guys and gals, let’s start figuring out a good time and place for an NC Liner meet!! I’m opening this up to start the discussion. I’m personally in Charlotte and thought someplace close to either SouthPark mall or North Lake mall would work well, but let’s all share our locations and we’ll figure it out!!

Charlotte here too! I travel to Hickory and Raleigh too so I’m flexible.

DH and I are ALWAYS down for Cheesecake Factory at SouthPark. Plus there’s that Disney store. We’ll come down from Morganton!

We’re available every other weekend. This coming weekend (2/24) he’s off.

I do love that Cheesecake Factory!!! Great option if it works well for others!!

You had me at cheesecake.

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Cheesecake Factory does sound like a great choice. I’m available any weekend

Hi! I’m in Charlotte, near Huntersville. I am a full-time caregiver for my 19-year old with autism. If I can find someone to stay with him, I could meet at Cheesecake Factory. My son would go to the Disney store at Southpark any day so he could come with me if we met there. Unless the restaurant has a princess, he is not willing/able to sit through a meal. . Lol. Does a weekend work better for everyone?

I’m so excited to see fellow NC liners! We live in Hickory, but weekends are a little tough to get away. I will certainly try if y’all plan a date. Would love to meet other Disney fanatics!

Statesville here. I think this could be a lot of fun.

Hi all, I’m going to put another call out tonight on Lines in case we’ve missed anyone and then hopefully we can come up with a plan tomorrow!! Cheers!!

Just south of Greensboro. This sounds like so much fun!!

How do y’all feel about the 10th or the 24th of March? Lunch at Cheesecake Factory and a little Disney Store action.

We have a wedding on the 10th, but I could do the 24th.

I have 3 weddings back-to-back-to-back in April. I may die that month. :anguished:

I could probably swing by on the 10th, but the 24th would be better. So excited!

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I could probably do either but the 24th would be better. :slight_smile:

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@wahoowaWDW, @melissa135g, @Kerryogie, and @ncdisneylovers: does March 24th work for y’all?

We also need to get a headcount. I don’t think TCF does call ahead seating or ressies so we may have to eat at an off time if we have a large group.

It’s 2 (DH & I) for me.

I’ll be there solo.

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The 24th works for me. It’ll be me and DS

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