MYW or DVC rental?

I was finally getting to the point where I thought I could take a break from planning my October trip until ADR day in April. But no… I’ve been listening to Backside of Magic and each time they’ve discussed DVC I’ve become more interested. So, this morning I finally did some of my own research using David’s DVC cost calculator. Well, it turns out that I can switch to 1-bedroom DVC at the same resorts I had already booked (Contemporary and Boardwalk), and the price is pretty close to a wash:

  • $6,981 for 4 nights @CR (garden wing), 4 nights @BWI (lake view), 8 day park hopper
  • $6,912 for 4 nights @BLT (lake view), 4 nights @BWV (standard view), 8 day park hopper, plus travel insurance (in case trip is canceled)

Here are my thoughts. Please let me know if I’m overlooking anything! Sorry in advance to @OBNurseNH if my plans change yet again!

  • We’ll have DS4, DS3, and DD1, so having the extra space of the DVC 1-bedroom would make a HUGE difference, especially during mid-day breaks (hopefully some napping happens)
  • taking that further, I’m running the W&D races, and I think sneaking out of the room at 330AM would be easier in the DVC 1-bedroom
  • having a full kitchen and in-room laundry would be a big plus too, but we could get by without them
  • the only big problem I’m having with the DVC route is the inability to cancel the trip (we would get trip insurance for that scenario, which I’ve quoted online at about $200). DS3 had cancer last year and there is a chance (up to 30%) that it could recur

All feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A big question mark is availability. I’m planning the DVC rental path for our December 2020 anniversary trip, but I am worried, even at 11 months out, being able to get a 1 bedroom BLT room.

For what it’s worth, we stayed in a standard 1 bedroom at BLT last fall with 3.5 y/o and 1 y.o. We really appreciated having the kitchen and laundry. Like you, we could have gotten by without them, but they were nice to have, We had groceries delivered on our arrival day and ate breakfast in the room every morning (which saved a lot of time and money) except for out CRT breakfast day. We did a couple loads of laundry at night after they went to sleep (it meant bringing less/lighter luggage). It was also great to have the living area for my wife and I to hangout after the kids were sleeping until we were ready to go to bed (and for the parent who was in the room with our 1 y/o when he was napping).

We booked BLT through Disney directly rather than renting/buying points from a DVC owner. I know the price was higher, but even after a little research I didn’t really understand the nuances of the point system and how the renting/buying of points works so I didn’t feel comfortable forging forward that direction.

I’ve been able to book a 1 bedroom BLT room at 11 months out on 2 different occasions (October/November). Are you looking for Christmas week or early December? I suspect Christmas week would be a lot tougher.

apparently studios go more quickly. I was able to get studio at BLT at 11 months.

Basically, first week of December. Specifically, checking in Thursday, Dec. 3 for 8 nights.

Are you sure there is still availability at those resorts? The cost calculator doesn’t tell you that, and availability can turn instantly. If I knew which week you were talking about, I could check it out for you, but as I say that could change within minutes.

October is a really busy time for DVC (Sept they to mid/end of January). It’s called “Fall Frenzy” for a reason. Especially if this is the races time.

Definitely don’t cancel what you have until you know for sure.

Also are you fully aware of the differences between renting vs booking with Disney?

And how would the sleeping arrangements work? You would have a king in the master, and then a pull down queen at Boardwalk, with an additional twin sleeper chair at Bay Lake. So either the two older kids would be in the living room, or you would have to be on the sofa bed.

I have no idea if anything is available. I haven’t even talked to DW about this yet. It will probably be a few days before I look into booking anything. BLT would be 10/26-10/30 and BWV would be 10/30-11/3.

Both my bookings were 5 nights so maybe 8 nights in a row is tougher. I checked a few times each day around 11 months prior in order to book as soon as any rooms were released. I would recommend doing that.

according to my link (not David’s) there is 1 BR available at both for your dates, but as @Nickysyme that changes minute by minute and at cheaper rate at 7 months, there may not be anything

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So the Bay Lake dates are available at quite a few resorts but I would expect those to have gone by the 7 month mark.

The Boardwalk dates is scarcer, but is available at BWV in a garden/pool view.

Remember too it isn’t just no cancellation, it’s no changes. No change of resort, dates, view, size of villa.

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So I agree with others that the factor you will be up against is availability. If you are able to be more flexible with your dates you might have better luck, i.e. 5 nights @ BLT and 3 nights @ BWV, etc. I think you can likely count out the standard view at BWV though, which will likely change your price.

I have young kids too and like @Nickysyme says, the layout is kind of less than ideal. You would have to sneak out past the kids in the living room at 3:30am. But it would be the same as if you were all in the same room, so I wouldn’t make that a deal breaker.

If you want to do this, I would recommend talking to your wife and being ready to book ASAP. The DVC Rental store offers insurance if you do need to cancel.

To add, standard view at Boardwalk is not available.

And although it is available at Bay Lake, that will be the first to go.

So the cost may well end up being higher than your calculations. Incidentally, renting 1-beds gives minimal savings. That’s because the points “cost” is pretty much twice that for studios, but if you book direct it is only about half as much more.

I rent DVC points from a friend so I get a better than “commercial” rate, but it’s the only way I will stay in a deluxe (7 nights at Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek come out less than a moderate). This is for a studio, not a 1 bedroom.

From personal experience, availability for the first 2 weeks in Dec is tight; according to the friend from whom I rent points they are two of the toughest weeks all year because its “Christmas Season” and the DVC points are at the lowest of the tiered levels. She owns at BR, and even at 11 months out she was not able to book a full week (a week later she was able to “fill in” the unavailable day in the middle. OKW and AKL did have a decent availability. I actually am hoping to stay at Copper Creek, and at the 7 month mark she will wait-list me there, but I do not have high hopes of it coming through.

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One last thing to consider that I did not see here, I do not think a TA can book a DVC rental?

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Did I miss that you got your WL room?

Yes if going forward with DVC I’m disappointed that it won’t be with a TA. She’s been super helpful.

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Must have. Guaranteed room at Boulder ridge; hopeful for Copper Creek.

I don’t have time right now to research trip insurance so I’ll go ahead and just ask here to see if anyone has some info. If we go the DVC route with travel insurance, and our sons Cancer comes back, would that qualify us for a refund through the insurance? Any experience would be helpful. Thanks!