My Travel Agent will hate me

I have been watching youTube and checking blogs. I have seen the deal coming in January for free park passes with booking during a certain calendar range. I have already contacted her regarding costs of different resorts, and now I’m tempted to ask her if she could cancel and rebook in my husband’s name or if I should just go through Disney myself. 6 adult tickets adds up, and if I could get 2 days? ummmm, YES, PLEASE!!
The agency we have used literally only arranges the payments and the booking of the passes/resorts. We schedule TS, FP+ (when/if they come back), and any extras (dessert parties, tours - again when/if). And today, playing around on WDW website, I did the same package from the travel agent and the costs was several hundred less on the website.
The first time we went to WDW, we went with a large group and someone else used an agency that scheduled EVERYTHING.
What do most liners or regulars do? Agent or Direct to WDW?
Would you be willing to list Pros and Cons?

It’s not clear to me why you wouldn’t continue doing business with her. Agents make modifications all the time for clients. It’s what we do. I’ve booked a ton of trips that get modified or even cancelled. Give her the chance to meet your needs.


I just hate being the person that bugs. I have always had anxiety that I am making someone’s job difficult. It could be the grocery store or the doctor’s office. I would rather have everything ready for the employee or the receptionist to just take the items and process easy and be on my way. Not clogging the line with mistakes or requests. It’s a bad thing at times and other times it makes things so much more smooth. I just dread being the person that the employee experiences that eye roll and the “oh dear it’s ****, again”. I am way too observant of other people around me and have been known to leave small change or just leave the line bc someone behind me is irritated about a wait.
Not good for myself, I realize this. Drives my husband crazy at times.


It’s literally her job. You’re not bothering her.

I would be more hurt to lose your business than to make modifications. I’m sure she feels the same.


I prefer to do things myself unless they can get me a awesome deal. But that’s just me. I have only worked with a ta when the deal they get me is a lot less than I can get for myself. It’s just less complicated.
But contact her and let her know you found a better deal, see what she says.

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Honestly, why would you not work with a travel agent? You are supporting a small business, it does not cost you ANYTHING, and it could potentially save you so much time (and time is money). If I am not booking a dvc room I will always work with a travel agent for my room/tickets/dining and then I do everything else myself.

@sunsecret, please do not worry about contacting your agent to make changes. I have changed my resort 3 times, added people, dropped those same people, and then added them again (all within a week).

I will say, talk to your TA about options. A ticket deal that saves you $50 per person but does not allow a room discount, might not be the best deal for you (depending on your resort).


You are 100% describing my personality.

I have stopped using TAs because the one I used was unable to get me the FP and ADRs I wanted and while it was not her fault, I was able to get those same FP and ADRs by repeatedly checking and setting up alerts and I understand she has lots of clients but it was easier to do myself…and that was my only experience with a TA. Also real talk I’m the personality (control freak) that just needs to do it myself.

I think it can be a great boon to some people, but it doesn’t work for everyone.
If I see a great deal or upgrade at 5 AM, I want to snag it then, not wait to call my agent until 8, hope I get through, and then wait for them to get to my request and see if I get it. Time saved is less important to me than opportunity missed.
Maybe it sounds petty, but I not only want what I want, I want it WHEN I want.


@OBNurseNH can tell us if it is still true, but I think you could transfer that booking to a TA.

Communication is key. I have had a TA contact me weeks before the usual free dining offer “you have a booking during the usual dates. I will check your booking against the offer. Can I call you before 5am if I see a great deal? Do I have permission to change your reservation to another resort (same level) if it saves money.”

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You can. You can transfer a booking as long as it within 30 days. Your agent will send you a form to complete and sign and then s/he will submit it to Disney and it will become their reservation to manage.

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I’ve never used an agent but I know a lot on here do. And we often read about people changing their reservations. I agree with it’s what they do!

It’s very important for both parties to be very clear as to what will and will not be provided for the service. I am a small volume agent who does TA work as a side gig. I have plenty of capacity to manage the FPP (not a thing right now) and ADRs of all of my clients. But the bigger volume agents/agencies may not provide that same service owing to the large number of clients they have to manage. Using a TA doesn’t preclude you from doing those things on your own, though, if you prefer. The only things you can’t do on your own if you’ve used an agent is make payments (your agent will do that on your behalf) and make changes to the reservation itself. I have several regular clients who only use me for booking and then want to do all the rest on their own. I still keep in contact with them to prompt them about milestone dates that are coming up, and I always follow up after to make sure things went well for them. Others need a lot more hand holding so to speak and/or just want more from me - and that’s okay so long as we have outlined that at the start so that I can be clear on what’s needed and they can be clear on what’s expected.

Also keep in mind that agent services are complimentary. Not to say that should diminish the service they’re providing either, but you don’t have to pay extra for it. This is coming out weird - I hope my meaning is understood.


Within 30 days of check in, or 30 days of the initial reservation?
Because I’m all about supporting small buisnesses, so if I could still retain control until about 40 days out, then transfer it to a TA so they get the commission, I’d be good with that!

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Within 30 days of original date you made the booking. So if you booked today for June, you would have until this time next month to get it transferred.

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Then after that if a new deal comes out you should wake up to an email “I re-booked your deal and you have saved…”

That’s my favorite email to send.

Actually I had one better than that. A client originally asked for pricing at Poly but quickly realized it was out of her budget, and landed (happily) at Caribbean Beach. But for some reason still not clear to me her room became “unavailable” the week or two before she left for her trip and Disney upgraded her … to Poly! That was my most favorite call ever. She just could not believe it, and I got all the credit when I really had little at all to do with it!


(emphasis mine)


:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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I use a travel agent but book my own ADRs and FP+ (though, when I first started going to Disney, my TA did the initial ones for me. )

I will always use a travel agent, especially now because:

  1. When I was new to Disney and not a regular of these boards for years and years, she suggested the perfect hotel for our needs. If you aren’t really familiar, the choices are overwhelming.
  2. When I was going to be on an airplane on an international flight during my FP+ window, my TA got on and booked them for me.
  3. My travel agent always looks to see if I can get a better deal when new offers like the two days free comes out (or new Visa deal, or whatever.)
  4. In the middle of all the hotels open / closed / needing to move in the summer, my travel agent dealt with all of that.
  5. With the whole “free dining plan not a thing” over the summer, my travel agent spent hours on the phone dealing with that too. And then we moved our trip and she did not get compensated.

Honestly, I would pay out of my own pocket to never have to call Disney or wait on hold with them, and I’m super thankful for my travel agent who handles all of that for no cost for me!


I might have had certain folks in mind :wink:

But I SERIOUSLY do not mind at all. And we knew from the beginning that the chances were slim anyway.

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happy for the opportunity to help