My Optimism Has Pretty Much Vanished

And I’m a pretty optimistic person.

And it’s vanishing only in regards to a Disney trip this year.

So, we had first week of April and I rebooked to first week of June hoping for a May reopening based on information at the time. Back then, this looked like a couple weeks to my oblivious self.

Then, it moved to probably opening June 1st and I didn’t want to be there at the reopen so moved it to end of June.

Then Southwest canceled both my going there and coming home flights for end of June to times that just didn’t work for us and I just canceled altogether.

Now, I’m canceling the November trip.

Not because I don’t think they’ll be open but because I need a bit more certainty in my life before laying out this type of money for trip that is half way across the country.

If Branson is open for business, it will be Silver Dollar City in November. But if things close up, I don’t have to worry about flights or rental cars because it’s close to home.

Maybe if things chill out, we can use our flight credits next January or February.

I will for sure at this point be asking for a partial refund on my Annual Pass when they can process that.


@lifewithjayne, I am experiencing much the same sort of feelings. I have not had to cancel a Disney trip, but I had to cancel my trip for my granddaughter’s 4th birthday which was yesterday. When she says to me, Nana, you can come for my rescheduled birthday, I wonder, can I? They are in one of the current hot spots. We have had a December trip to WDW planned for over 5 months. I am not working on touring plans, not working on ADRs . I can’t envision what the world will be like 8 months, how can I plan. Right now, I just want to be with my family, but I can’t.


Big same.
With Southwest cancelling our June flights - June was our rescheduled trip from our darn-near perfect April trip - I’m feeling like abandoning a trip this year at all. I have a solo trip booked for October and I can’t even get excited about that. Frankly I don’t even want to read blogs, watch videos, or participate in any of my WDW groups. This forum is pretty much the only place I’ve remained. It just gets me down too much. WDW is like my Prozac and I really need something like that in my life to look forward to. Trying to figure out what it might be now.


Cheer up everyone! Disney WILL open eventually. Even if it’s another 12-18 months from now when the vaccine is fully available, they will reopen and we will return! That’s not much longer than many of us wait for our Disney vacation in normal circumstances. We can get through this together!


Our family has a big wedding in October and honestly, I’ll be shocked if it still happens.


It will reopen but things are never going to be the same. This is a game changer just like 9/11 was. The world will be vastly different.


Call me ignorant (you won’t be the first!!), but other than not being allowed beyond security at the airport without a ticket, I can’t think of any other major changes. At least from a travel perspective.


You know what? I broke my arm - severely - 2 years ago next week.

At first I was optimistic. We had a Disney trip planned for July but that was months away. It was all good.

The ortho doc said you won’t heal for at least a year.


But he was right. This was the long haul. And initially it was hard to take.

Until I realized that healing would take place. I would eventually get back most of what I’d lost. As long as I made progress I had something to look forward to.

And actually, my shoulder is happier due to the physical therapy for my arm.

It was more like 18 months for complete bone healing. It was so long that normal - that pre broken arm life - isn’t really with me any more.

Progress and victories - one example: washing my own hair with an arm that doesn’t complain - are more normal.

Since mid March I’ve been reminding myself of the lessons I learned two years ago. We’ll get thru this. We’ll have better normals maybe.

That July trip to the World with a broken arm? What a hoot. No rolley-coasters for sure. :frowning: Lots of unanticipated laughs. Like trying to get me up and out of Jungle Cruise. :rofl: Finally my sister pulled from in front while my adult niece pushed from behind. :sunglasses:


I can understand that. I was all set to stay the course for my July trip - at least for a couple more weeks, but I woke up at 2am today thinking “Wait! When does the governor’s order that anyone flying in from NY/NJ/CT has to self-quarantine for 14 days or the length of their trip, whichever is longer expire?” Because I realize that it doesn’t really have a lot of teeth - it’s not like they are assigning every passenger on the plane a law enforcement officer to watch us 24/7 - but it would be my luck to somehow get caught (call me crazy, but Disney would be an easy place for them to send people to do checks at least with the resorts and DME) and end up with the $500 fine or worse 60 days in jail.

So I opted to have my TA cancel that and book me on a cruise to Bermuda out of Bayonne, NJ for roughly the same time. My thought process being “I have thought Bermuda would be a nice place to visit. And even if the cruise is cancelled, I get 125% of the fare in a future cruise credit which I can apply to one of my already booked ones and my TA still gets the commission for BOTH the cancelled one and the already booked one further down the road.” If I had waited until after they had cancelled the cruise - if they do - and Disney was not open or the order was not lifted yet, then my TA - who works her butt off for me - would get nothing.

And on the plus side, by the time I’m able to get back to Disney it will hopefully not be wall city like it is now.


Sorry you aren’t feeling optimistic, OP. My optimism is improving today. But it is like a yo-yo.


There is an article on CNN today that Fauci believes summer vacations will be able to happen with mitigating measures in place, such as dealing with hot spots and such. So we will see. I think everyone is getting quarantine fatigue. I give it another month tops before they start loosening restrictions.


I am. For sure. And I am naturally an anxious person.

I am 100% concerned that we didn’t slow the spread - we dead stopped it and people will do this for only soooo long. Four weeks ago today I started pulling my family from things days before the rules started coming out and I was catching stares for it.

We can be directed by the government and it behooves us to honor and obey… but even the best rule followers are starting to throw caution to the wind.

I am hearing from family after family that they are “done” with isolating from relatives. Grandparents are visiting grandkids again, and what not, saying the risk is worth it.

As I was running errands again today (!) it broke my heart as I noticed so many small businesses closed. If the masses aren’t dying from runs to Walmart and Wegmans, why can’t they go to the local bike shop or tailor? They certainly can use masks and hand sanitizer and limit numbers in the stores…

I say plan summer vacations that are low risk. Hotels that can be cancelled up to 48 hours before. Maybe WDW isn’t the easiest in/out on the list, but I’d looking at a weekend in PEI for me and my girls.


Here is the link to that article - thanks for the tip!

Americans have the potential to take summer vacations this year – provided that the country continues aggressive mitigation efforts now and gets to a place where it can modify them, the nation’s top infectious disease official said Thursday.

On “CBS This Morning” Thursday, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked if he could envision a typical summer with vacations, baseball games, weddings and family reunions.

“It can be in the cards,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CBS.

But, he warned: “When we pull back and try to open up the country … we have to be prepared that when the infections start to rear their heads again,” the country has a way to aggressively and effectively “identify, isolate, contract trace and make sure we don’t have those spikes we have now.”

Moving toward normalcy will be gradual, and could be different by region, he said.

“Hopefully, by the time we get to the summer, we will have taken many steps in that direction” that would allow some normalization.

Fauci has consistently stressed social distancing should be maintained now, and that the virus, not people’s wishes, “makes the timeline” about when measures could be relaxed.


This is getting old for us as well. We are not completely throwing caution to the wind, but we did tell my single friend to come over for Easter. She lives by herself and has not had much in person contact for weeks. That’s just isn’t good for anyone. My DH goes to stores for supplies and work. He says his work is cleaner and there are less people there than at the grocery store. My kids and I are stuck at home.


Amen to this! In addition to waking straight up at 2ish thinking about the Florida executive order thing, I tried to go back to sleep around 2:15 but at 2:30 got into a whole mental thing about Gamora and Nebula and who was older and how they were related and so forth which led to about an hour/90 minutes going down that rabbit hole online (and this from a girl who is more DC than Marvel), and then thinking about the song “I Want You Back” (the one Baby Groot dances to in the credits of the first Guardians)…though at least that made sense because that is my snippet to dance to in the dance video our art teacher is putting together of a lot of us teachers dancing for the kids.

I might have had my times of insomnia before, but this was ridiculous, even for me! I can only chalk it up to Pause!


I meant the world and not just travel and even travel is beyond not being allowed beyond security which didn’t used to even exist at the airports prior to 9/11.

Real IDs is a big one.

Nebula has the white bits and Gamora is solid gray.


Into week 4 of working from home. For me not a problem as I trained for it as a child. Double pneumonia at 6 months and repeated bronchitis as a child - 3 weeks cooped up in bed at a time! I am not infected but I do still suffer with asthma on and off - more off than on but do not really want to see the COVID 19 effect on me.

I rarely worry about things - when everyone was panicking and cancelling their visit to Venice (flooding) went on trip that had been booked for a couple of months and only saw normal high water.

Disney will reopen :smiley:

Y’all, I believe Disney WILL reopen. I have no doubts about that.

And I’ll go back eventually.

I’m just not optimistic that will be this year for us.

And I’m sad about that.

Who knows? I hadn’t heard about the news regarding summer vacations but some of you had and a little bit of hope sprang up inside me!

They are beautiful!!

This is my new princess, Merida - we adopted each other just before all the craziness started.