My go at a picture trip report

I’m going to give this a shot!

You all have been so helpful and funny and comforting with this planning process.

We are surprising our almost 7 year old twins with a trip to the world that leaves tomorrow! They will be finding out this afternoon after school. I am honestly so excited!

Packing is almost complete.

I made 24 shirts for all of us to wear when we’re there.

I will try to post the video of when we surprise the boys.

Yay For the day before we leave!!!


24 shirts?! Wow. You’re amazing!!!

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Can’t wait to follow along!

This should be fun… :slight_smile:

I did get a Cricut, so it wasn’t as labor intensive as it was last time when I was using the wax paper stencil method. BUT I did end up biting off more than I could chew with the complexity of the shirts. I wish I had taken a picture of all of them, but here are a few.


Those t-shirts are AWESOME


Love the aliens shirt!!

You should have an Etsy shop!



Thanks everybody! I felt a little crazy when I was up late at night trying to finish them, but I’m now so glad that I did!


AGREED!! I would totally be a customer!! :heart::smiley:


Me too! I need some matching shirts for 2020!

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Anyone know of Liners with Etsy shops? It would be cool if we had a list of them, kind of like the list of Liner travel agents.


That would be cool. I’m not sure if I could handle an Etsy shop, plus there are so many already that sell good product. I will start a thread about it.

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Picture trip reports are my favorite! I can’t wait to check back in. Have an incredible trip!

My kids believe that they can only go back to WDW if Mickey invites us. So here is the box with the invitation.

Pro tip: this has made conversations about why we can’t go back yet much easier for the littles.


I’m loving the shirts!!! Can’t wait to hear how they react to the surprise!!!

Have a great trip! Looking forward to following along! Great tip about needing an invite from Mickey himself.

Love the Mickey Invitation! Reading this, Im so excited for your twins and Im not even going. :joy:

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So exciting!!! I can’t wait to follow along!