My first WDW trip report!

Hi everyone! I have been a lurker for a while but finally decided to give it a try. I’m usually too anxious to share in groups but this seems like a great opportunity to overcome that! Btw I’m an engineer so forgive my awful writing skills.

My fiance and I arrived to WDW late on Saturday night and are staying at the AKL. We got one of the furthest rooms possible at the end of the kudu trail, which did upset me at first. We did get an obstructed Savanah view though (standard room) so decided to stick with it rather than asking for a change. We are so excited we did! We woke up to wildebeests yesterday and then giraffes and zebras this morning. I love animals and it honestly feels like a dream!! Note that I did request a close to lobby through TP but it didn’t work, we probably arrived too late (midnight after a delayed flight)

First day/Sunday: space kennedy center
This was one of the only requests from fiance so it was a must for the trip. We really liked it. It was wonderful to have zero expectations, zero plans and go with the flow! I do recommend getting the tickets and somewhere like undercover tourist, we saved notes that $50 versus gates, which we obviously spent in merchandise :slight_smile:

We then went to Sanaa for dinner. It was really nice to spend time at the savanna. The atmosphere and service were great. My butter chicken was good, fiance’s curry was underwhelming. They gave us free dessert because we had mentioned we were recently engaged and it was a magical moment :slight_smile:

Today: epcot day!
Woke up before 7am to get a boarding group for gotg using bg1 (thanks Joel!!). Planning on spending going to the pool for a bit and then going to the park. The plan is to mostly just enjoy the festival and take in the atmosphere. I have DAS because of a lung problem left over from a bad health scare early in the summer, which should allow us to ride frozen, Soarin and remys without too much stress. If we love gotg we can try to buy an ILL or ride again at EEH.

Fiance is here this week and then I stay solo for another week for the first time ever! After a long year and a bad healthwise summer, I have never been happier to be here!!!


How wonderful! What a great photo :heart:

Looking forward to following your travels! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom!


Have a great trip!
And congrats on your engagement :heart:

Sounds like you’re off to a great start :smiley::+1:t2:


I saw your report yesterday but thank you for sharing today ! I am so glad you decided to keep that room!


So glad you are here! Have a fantastic today, and I look forward to hearing more. I love AKL and am happy you are enjoying it. I’ll be at Disney starting Wednesday!


What are you talking about, your writing is perfectly fine!

What did you get?

Heaven! Are you at AKL the whole time?

Have fun!


Thanks! You and the others in the chat were the ones who convinced me and it was absolutely the right choice


AKL until friday then the royal pacific in UOR for the weekend and then I’m at Pop solo next week. Harder to justify deluxe prices alone, although we did get a great sub $300 rate for AKL which wasn’t too bad!


It wasn’t in the menu so I’m not really sure the exact name, but it was like a raspberry sorbet infused with condensed milk. Not the best dessert I ever had but it was definitely tasty!!


Bliss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Woohoo! Sounds great! :slight_smile:
Love that photo.


Awesome view!! That hallway is loooong, but worth it for that view! Hope y’all have the best time!


What an amazing view!

I’m so happy that you’re doing a trip report, and I hope you share more photos as you have time!


What a great start to your trip! I am staying at Royal Pacific next year for the first time, so I hope you share lots of pics.


We RD the pool and it’s a great peaceful break before the park craziness

Such a peaceful place!


Sounds like an awesome trip! Have lots of fun, and I look forward to following along.


That’s a beautiful view. Looking forward to following along.


Epcot started off on not such a great note with nemo and soarin both being evacuated while we were in line… since we had already scanned we didn’t get a MEP and have been waiting on chat for 45 minutes now. The blue umbrellas were all crazy busy and these rides aren’t priorities at all.

BUT on a great note, we rode gotg, which was AMAZING. We got one way or another. It was so fun and just made my day, everything else is a plus now!

We are now waiting for our drinks at Space 220 lounge enjoying the AC before we head on to eat and drink more around the :earth_americas:


Oh no about the rides! You should be able to get that sorted out-happened several times on our trip last year after being evacuated from WTP and TT. Hope the rest of your day goes smoother!