MVMCP touring plans... First party for us

We’ve never done a party, but it is really the reason we even started talking about this trip.

I am trying to develop a touring plan, but it only took a few minutes and it seems like it was too easy.

It plugs in rest times to meet some characters, but then the text in the notes doesn’t end up matching the time it suggests.

It also doesn’t/can’t express anticipated wait times for characters. (I do have a subscription to KTP.)

Do others use touring plans for parties?

Do you have suggestions?

Also - does anyone know what this is?
10) Once Upon a Time

Showtime: 9:30pm

Notes: Catch the Celebrate the Magic castle show at 9:30 pm.

ETA - this is the one day of our plans that I don’t mind waiting a lot for things if it means we can see each element (show, parade, fireworks). Accomplishing rides isn’t really a goal. DD15 and DD13 will likely queue for Jack Skellington apart from the rest of my family and just skip something we are doing.

The plan has me doing Holiday Wishes, Most Merriest Celebration (Forecourt Stage) and parade back to back. I’d normally sit at the 2 o’clock spot of the hub for fireworks and nighttime parade, but that doesn’t seem wise given the forecourt show.

Based on this photo, does anyone have a suggestion where to view these from?

That is the castle projection show but I don’t think it happens on party nights?

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Ok. Thank you!

The plan says don’t evaluate or optimize. So I’m not really sure how to use it well.

Based on what I have read the wait times listed for 7D M&G look way too short and there is no way you can also do Disney Jr. M&G in the same time frame.

Have also read you need to prioritize view for stage show or FW/parade if you want to do them all in a row. I think we will try to stake out a spot by Casey’s for FW and stay for second parade. Then we’ll try to move up to see the 11:55 stage show. Might not work because I’m sure the masses will be heading for the exit.

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I agree. It doesn’t fit what I’ve read.

When we met 7 Dwarves 2 years ago at MNSSHP the line was about 1.5-2 hours most of the night. We were first in line at about 4:15ish (4 adults and we all switched out throughout the wait, as did most of the other people in line), the Dwarves came out at 6:15 and then we were done by 6:20. The 45 minutes you have for that and the Disney Jr Dance party will not be enough, the Dwarves meet is very popular.
Also the Mickey meet, if he is not in a special costume I would skip that, as the expected 15 minute wait is if you are in line at 4:30 according to the notes on there.
I think for the fireworks I would find a good spot 45 minutes before, based on how much more crowded the parties are this year compared to 2 years ago.
I loved the Christmas stage show last year at MVMCP (Mickey’s most merriest celebration), but you really have to be up close to the stage to see it. As soon as the fireworks are over, move as close to the stage as you can and watch the 10:30 stage show. It was not hard to move up pretty close. We then watched the second parade from in front of Hall of Presidents, we went straight there from the stage show and got front row. Crowds were not bad back there at all.
Here are some pics to get an idea of the locations:

Hope you have a wonderful time at the party! We loved it.


Thank you SO much!
These are parade photos?
I’m getting excited!!!

The plan included the dwarves. I’m really not interested in meeting them or Mickey. It would be nice to meet Pooh characters though.

Yes, the last 7 are from the parade. The middle set is the stage show.
We met the Pooh characters, they are some of my favorites (especially Eeyore).

There are lots of photo ops as well if you interested in them:


We are Disneybounding as Pooh characters on a day other than the party. DD6 is Eeyore.
The photo ops look great!!!

What time of year did you go? Was it cold?

These are fabulous pictures! Did you take them on your phone? What did people in your party do while someone was in line for the dwarfs?

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We were there 12/6-12/11 last year and got progressively chillier each day. I am always hot in Florida and am used to cold temps here in the Northwest- I have never worn so many layers in Florida, ever- Here is how we had to dress for DAH at MK, it was 40 degrees that night and we had to buy the thickest coats we could find (hence the matching one). It was okay while the sun was out, but mornings and night were chilly (cold to most people). I would expect in November you will bot have these temps, since it it still in the 90s there now I would expect in to be hot on your trip.


I can give you a little insight on the weather in November of last year. We did MVMCP on 11/15 and wore blue jeans and light hoodies/jackets. While waiting for the second parade we were even a little chilly in those clothes.

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Right now they are not quite predicting out to my dates (we are traveling 11/11-11/21). But for 11/9 the highs are 80F and lows are 69F. If it’s only as low as 69F I will be elated!

Where would you stand for the fireworks to be able to pounce to the stage show, please?

I like center of the hub, somewhere near the statue. I cannot tell exactly how close we are here


Can you be in the “road” for the fireworks in WDW? We normally sat at what I call 2 o’clock, but then in DLR last year we stood right in the road (near Casey’s)…

Not sure, but I think so. We always do the dessert party for Happily Ever After, so the parties are the only times I have had to look for a place. Everything will be roped off so should be easy to tell where you can be.

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I so want to go to a Christmas party! Love your pics.

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