MVMCP or Extra Park Day?

Planning out a trip for this late fall. Arrival and departure days are non-park days. I have two itineraries in mind but can’t decide which one to follow through on.

Plan A-
Day 1- arrival
Day 2- AK
Day 3- Epcot
Day 4- Rest/swim day, MVMCP
Day 5- departure

Plan B-
Day 1- Arrival
Day 2- AK
Day 3- MK (it’s the longest MK operating day during this trip due to MVMCP)
Day 4- Epcot
Day 5- Departure

Basically, do I add another park day to my 2 day ticket or do I add the Christmas party? Will we get enough MK time in during the Christmas Party if we opt for that? We LOVED the MNSSHP and MK After Hours in the past, but had longer trips with an additional park day.

Any and all suggestions welcomed. (Other than extending the trip. This one is on a tight budget. :unamused::laughing: )

Please check into this, other ppl may know better, but u may need a park tic for the party. Maybe not!

On plan A, day 4, why not make it a full MK day? Adding a day to ur ticket prob wont be much. Do u need that rest day for a short trip?

You do not need park tickets for the parties. You can enter the park after a certain time (usually a couple hours before the party officially starts) on just the party ticket.

You do need park tickets for parties within the park, like dessert parties.

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TY for clarification. I havent done a party but have friends going for MNSSHP. She said they had to but I thought I read something different somewhere.

We did MVMCP last year instead of a day in the park, party ticket only. We were admitted through the tapstiles at about 3:45. In addition to collecting party treats and watching party entertainment, we had a 4:00 and 5:00 FPP. We rode PotC, HM, JC, PP, Buzz, Peoplemover, and maybe a couple of others(?). Personally, I am glad that we chose to go to the party instead of a regular park day. It was just me and DH, so we were able to last until the end of the party. Bit of a wait for a bus back to AKL at the end of the night.

So u can book FPs without a park ticket? How did this work? Would love to do the same, just me and DH. Could use a rest day during our 7 days?

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Once I had my party ticket linked in MDE, I just made the FPs just like any other ticket. I didn’t know if it would work, so I was very pleased when it did.


Love it, this will be part of my plan. Was gonna do a whole day there, just to get some FPs but if u can get early, get some rides in and still see the festivities, AM will be our “chill” time. DH demands (after several trips with the DKs), that if we do Disney again, it has to be relaxed.


Could you do MVMCP on your arrival day?

Because that would be a short day due to the MVMCP (6 pm closure)

I’m flying solo with a kid on this trip. I need some down time.

We arrive late on the first day. 8 pm late.

I was suggesting do both, but yes, with little one, yall may need a break, even if its a mental one. Weather might be cool for swimming but maybe a morning putt putt, nap at hit up party. If u have little bitties, u probably wont want to hit up a lot of the major rides at MK, u could do it during party time potentially.

Oh I see! I misunderstood. Yeah, that would be awesome! That’s a thought!!

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Crowd levels will be low during the day…

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U could even make it a late entry park day, to give yall a mellow morning and still get a lot of MK accomplished.

What are your priorities for MK? If the specials at the party are not your priorities and if you are tight on money, it would be cheaper to add a park day than to pay for the party. And not knowing how old your child is, can he last past midnight?

I am 38, i think, and cant hang till midnight anymore😂

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LOL. we will be at WDW after a 7 year hiatus. We normally RD and close out the park. I don’t think I can do that anymore! Plus DS18 already said he can’t play like that! So, he’s not invited to MVMCP!

Im doing that party and plan on leaving by 10pm. I dont need to maximize as much experience. 9 trips under my belt.