Must haves for WDW in summer?

Crowd source… what are your “must haves” for the parks?

Bonus: must-haves in summer.

Double bonus: must-haves for teenagers.

Triple bonus: must-haves for parents with 3 teenagers :rofl:


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  1. Must-haves for parks: TouringPlans app, moleskin, a sparkling personality

  2. Must-haves for summer: Sunscreen and cornstarch powder.

  3. Must-haves for teenagers: Vodka

  4. Must-haves for parents with 3 teenagers: 3 liters of vodka

I might be a little tipsy tonight, but… yeah, I still think this is a good guide.


Best answer ever.



once upon a time, the kids were being kids, and I turned to my DH and said, “The only solution I see is for one of us to take up drinking” :beers:



[OMG, the post fairy really wants me to make sure this is a whole sentence. WOW.]


some ONE has to stay sober :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

and it wasn’t going to be me!


If you use all caps it complains. If you hadn’t, it would have allowed it.

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Haha :joy:.

Sparking personality- perfect!

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Hand held personal fans for each person and/or personal neck fans for each person!


Never knew this was a thing. Now I must have one. Thanks!

When we went in May 2019, two things that I was really glad to have were cooling towels and a hat. Keeping the sun off your face makes a big difference, and the cooling towels feel really nice. We had a fan that I wasn’t very impressed with - it just felt like it was blowing hot air back at us. The misting ones might be better but idk about with masks.

Yes. Completely agree.

We bought uv blocking umbrellas to help with sun and temperatures. Supposed to have spf 50 and reduce temps up to 30 degrees :woman_shrugging:


These sound awesome - where did you find them? I don’t know that I’ll use them for WDW, but we have a local festival where we are sitting in direct sun for 4 days and these would be great for that.


They have some different colors and one bigger size, but since we will be using them while on ECVs I kept it to the 2 smaller sizes. There are other companies but I try to stay with Totes.


Awesome, thanks! I love totes.

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Make sure you look at the length of the handle. We have a Disney umbrella and used it once b/c the handle was short, which meant we had to hold our arm higher and caused arm fatigue.

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Normal handle length on the 2 we bought.

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Could I pull down, spray, replace, if I’m not within 6’ from anyone?

Must have: iPhone, extra battery, water, chapt stick, tissues, sunglasses, epi pen, migraine rx, caffeinated gum, autograph book, sharpie. (I’m not a light packer!)

Summer: Sunscreen, hat

Teenagers: No clue. Cell phones?

Parents of 3 teens: An exit strategy. That may or may not involve libations.