MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Oh no. Maybe a CM will take pity on you.


Well done on all the races.


Wow! Congrats on the running. That is an amazing accomplishment and you should display those medals proudly!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Wow that is a lot of miles and a lot of well deserved bling! Congratulations!!! And how cool that you got to run with Jeff Galloway! And that you you played leap frog with him! I love your Micky shirt in your bling picture!
I ran my first 7 miles today. So I think I could make it through the half. But I was wondering if you Galloway from the beginning of the race or get as far as you can comfortably go and then Galloway. Does that question even make sense?
What are your plans for tomorrow? Hopefully to sleep in!


Funny - for my first half it finally felt actually doable once I had done 7 miles too!

You’ve got this!!!


Amazing! Congratulations!


Good morning! Slept in this morning, and just dropped off my things with Resort Airline Checkin, and bell services.

Bin Voyage breakfast coming up in a little less than 45 minutes!

After that, I’ll wander for a bit, perhaps play a round at Fantasia Gardens, and then come back and sit in my hot tub until it’s time for the tragical express.

Thanks to all for following along; I’ll try to remember to wrap up when I get home.


I know there are schools of though on that, and I tend to have a split opinion.

If I think I’m going to do a “straight run” I plan to run and use the Galloway method as a backup.

On a day like yesterday, when I knew that I needed the Galloway method to finish, I went with that from the start.

I know that doesn’t decide for you, but, that’s kinda the decision process I go through.

I also am open to adjusting my intervals later - when I went back to intervals after 23.5, I halved my run length, but that’s still a “better run” than walking exclusively… if that makes any sense at all.


Enjoy your last day while you can. Again, congrats on another Dopey!!


Back at FQ after a delightful breakfast, plus a fun round at Fantasia Gardens. Will relax with some hot tub time, probably grab a very late lunch, and then it’s the tragical express for me.


Wow - that medal pic is awesome - congrats! The shirt @Dreamer made turned out great, too. Hope you enjoy your relaxation time before tragical express.


Well, the tragical express has come.

The fast pass for it worked really well… I just am not thrilled with the offload station.

Are we sure I can’t just stay???


I hate the Tragical Express. :slightly_frowning_face: Do you have another trip planned?


Not per se…

But I did leave one park day left on my military salute ticket - which won’t expire until mid December.

More on that later.




Safe travels home! So glad we got to hear about your amazing Disney run adventure!


Thank you for the words of encouragement, especially since I officially signed up for the half last night!


Some final thoughts:

POFQ was perfectly nice. My room had the wood floors, which I found fine, and USB plugs at the outlets - at least 6 USB plugs in the room (2 in each of 3 places), which I thoroughly appreciated.

I think my love, though, for moderates, remains Caribbean Beach. Not knowing about the construction timeline when I booked, and the fact that my TA got a fantastic deal at FQ, meant I was away from my beloved CB for yet another year. Next time I think it’s back to CB without question. I’m just not in love with the FQ themeing.

One other thing I loved at FQ was that they opened the Hot Tub early on Saturday. I realize it’s easier there because it’s separately enclosed, but given how many portable fences and other barriers they use for marathon weekend, what would be a few more so they could do that at other resorts?

Disney portions. OMG, Disney portions. They’re freakin’ HUGE. IDK what it is, but, I just didn’t want that much on more than one occasion. In addition, just knowing the portion size for some things meant I ordered a kids’ portion more than once.

Trip Length. I love the schedule I’ve put together for trip length for this race week - I just wish I could justify staying for 3 more days. There’s never enough park time, as a result of early morning runs and needing to be smart about how early I can get someplace and how late I can stay out. I would love to have had time to spend another whole day at MK - I barely scratched the surface of that park. Which is too often the case.

Forgetting things. Race brain is a thing, people. Not to mention that last-minute packing is really not the best plan, even if it is the best plan. Let me explain. First, you may have noticed that my red MagicBand was not a basic band, but, indeed was emblazoned with Figment and a bunch of rainbows - it’s one of the limited edition retro bands that were sold last summer. I finally remembered to wonder if it would do something special at JIIwF at about 6:30 on Sunday evening. Given that the attraction closed at 7, and I was not yet at EPCOT at that hour… I was obviously out of luck. Separately… Last-minute packing for my race trips is something of a thing owing to the need to plan race wear for 5-degree increments; it’s also why I tend to check a bag, as I necessarily overpack owing to the fungible nature of central florida weather. Unfortunately, as a result, I completely forgot to pack my race nutrition. Which then consumed an unfortunate amount of extra brainpower and time trying to find the things I like to use. Seriously, checklists are good things. Consider them.

Training. I think I’ve mentioned, My training for this round absolutely sucked. I could go into all of the reasons why, but the reality is simply that my training was not what it needed to be. And my time showed that. If there’s anything I can remind my fellow runners out there, it’s stick to your training. Don’t try to do the bonehead that I did this weekend.

Posting. I really enjoyed posting a semi-live trip report. It made me feel a little like I had friends there with me - and that felt fantastic. Wish I would meet more of you people in person.

So, when am I headed back next? Soon. I mentioned that I retained 1 day of park admission that I can use during the remainder of the year. Last year, during my family’s trip to the World, I found a really nice piece that was “leftover” from Festival of the Arts that I got and placed at the center of what I hope to be a wall that hosts a collection of artwork. While I don’t have dates yet, I am planning to try to get myself down for one day of Festival of the Arts before it closes - I want to try to get another piece this year. Obviously, it will be a short trip… but I do still have waterpark admissions available. :wink:

I wish my time and budget allowed me to be an AP holder again this year. I couldn’t justify it by number of trips or park days, especially after the expenses of last year. Doing park admission by specific number of days just feels so limiting.

So, what questions do you still have? What have I forgotten?


You did.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the report on USB ports at POFQ. 6 should just about keep my teen happy :joy: