MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Welcome to my trip report! I promise a variety of pictures, random musings, and other minutiae during my annual Week in the World.

Today is day 1! On the schedule today:
Check in POFQ
Disney Springs - will I finally get some things I’ve been considering for years?
Flying Fish.

Beyond that, who knows where things will take me???

First time touring solo

Following along. Good luck.


Attraction #1. Standby line 30 mins. FastPasses unavailable.


I have some nights booked at FQ and can’t decide between Flying Fish and Boathouse… so looking forward to a detailed report!:wink::slight_smile:


But you have a ghost!


Indeed! I’ll have to see if pepper will take him with. :wink:


I’m a big fan of Flying Fish, and have never done the Boathouse. Still, I do keep going back to Flying Fish! But yes, pictures and musings to come.:relaxed:


Can’t wait to get back to POFQ, I love it! Looking forward to following along.


:laughing: LOVE it!


Have never done Boathouse but FF is just fantastic!


2nd attraction! Short standby line, no FP available. It’s an irregular loader, though, so standby time is terribly variable. Will report actual standby time shortly.


You’re nearly there, yay!


That was quick!

Hope you load and go on this one!


Was this a character meet and greet?



Why are there no people?


The attraction must have loaded shortly before I arrived… wait time was about 28 minutes, and the queue got very full before the ride vehicle arrived.

At least we’re loading now… headed for FQ!


Apparently, that person at the desk was the last guest to meet them at character… I got shut out.

Apparently she was an entertaining character, though, because they had a good long interaction!


Those long interactions by the unprepared at that queue drive me crazy


We had a long interaction last trip through no fault of our own. UK visitors get magic bands at the resort, but we get a letter for Magical Express. The CM said he’d never seen one before and it took ages to sort out!


Oh wow. We also get a letter and are to have it ready as we approach, along with information about return flight just in case even though we do have magic bands. Weird that a CM would not have seen a letter before!