Motion Sickness

Which rides do you avoid if you are prone to motion sickness? Thanks!

Star Tours

Anything that spins

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We avoid anything 3D, anything that goes sideways (e.g., Haunted Mansion, Nemo Ride, Little Mermaid Ride), anything that goes backwards (FEA). However, ours is vertigo related and less a motion sickness thing. There are very few rides we can ride, really.

Tea Cups are bad for motion sickness. I also found Mission Space Orange to be terrible. Otherwise I have found the rides to be okay.

Expedition Everest was the worst ride for me. I was fine until it went backwards… I avoided Mission Space: Orange as the Green side was just about too much. (All of this is with taking anti-nausea meds.)

I think it can vary from person to person. Some are bothered by spinning, some by coasters. (I am okay with thrill rides but get sick on boats or the backseat of a car.)

I really recommend Bonine. It lasts 12 hours and is non-drowsy. I am bothered by rides more than I used to be (aging inner ears) and take one in the morning every Disney day.

My worst, worst, worst is Star Tours. I can do the roller coasters, but simulators are my nemesis. I am not planning on doing FOP again because it is so bad.

The only rides that bother me are Mission Space Orange and the Tea cups. Avoid MS:O like the plague!

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Tea Cups, Aladdin carpets, basically anything that spins, Mission Space Orange, Star Tours & sometimes Everest when it hits the backwards section.
I have not tried FOP yet but this September I will take meds and give it a try because I want to ride it so much!!

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The older I get the more I’ve grown prone to motion sickness.

Roller coasters never impact me unless they have multiple inversions. Mission Space:Orange leaves me a little queasy, but not enough not to do it. BUT, MS:O is the ONLY ride at all of Disney where I’ve seen people actually throw up afterwards, so it is definitely one to avoid.

As mentioned, Tea Cups is a definite no, but rides like Aladdin and Dumbo don’t spin fast enough to really induce motion sickness.

Part of it is learning where to look. If you keep your gaze off in the distance rather than front and center or directly to the side, you’ll have less problem (similar to how those who get car sick avoid it by looking straight ahead though the windshield).

Star Tours has never bothered me in the slightest.

Star tours turned me green, and I wasn’t right for an hour afterwards, however I had no problem with Soarin. Everyone is different. Some people like having a full stomach, others avoid it.

Wow, it seems like everyone has different experiences with this!!! For those that found themselves sick on the simulator type rides, were you able to just close your eyes and regain balance?

Typically, closing your eyes could make things worse, not better. :slight_smile:

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I’m asking for my mom, not me. I didn’t realize!

Closing my eyes actually helps me. Spinning rides are the worst ones for me. As far as the simulation rides, most of them don’t bother me except mission space orange and star tours at times. Bonine actually makes me drowsy and so does the less drowsy dramamine. I have found that ginger capsules along with ginger gum and motion sickness patches behind my ears help significantly with most of the other rides. I also use some essential oils.

It varies per person. My DH gets motion sickness and he can do Soarin and Star Tours. However Expediton Everest really bothered him. He has to be careful with roller coasters. I can’t stand spinning rides like the tea cups.

I have a prescription from my Dr for Zofran, otherwise I am miserable the ENTIRE day if I ride the wrong ride. (Soaring, FOP, Star Tours, anything 3-d or with a screen)

Also keep me from ending up with a migraine. My dr offered the scopolamine patch, but it makes me sooooo thirsty. Not a good combo in Florida weather!

My kids, I always pack bonine or dramamine. Just in case.

Even my DH who has a rock solid stomach got a bit queasy on FOP. We only rode it once the whole trip in May. He asked to skip it in 3 weeks for our short hop over. Fine by me!

I love rides, but I also just love BEING in the parks too.

I found star tours the worse for me but that day I did ride it 3 times as was only a very short wait time :laughing:

Bonine makes me drowsy too. Where do you get ginger gum or capsules?

Which oils do you use?