More Monorail woes?

The difference with the Monorail cars is that from what I understand, the Monorail cars supposedly have a recommended useful life of a certain number of years, and the current set of Monorail cars are now well past that useful life. Is that not true?

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That’s absolutely true.

I see @DocHopper’s point for sure…but I think the difference is that the Monorail is set up to be the PRIMARY means of transportion…and a failure of a single train there backs up the ENTIRE system. This happened to us on our last trip one evening after the Fireworks. We were standing at the station, and almost to loading. The next train to arrive would have been ours. But the train fell short by about 10 ft. It just sat there. And so we were all stuck there in the station for about 30-45 minutes. And so was everyone else on the other monorails because now all the people who normally would take the Express had to crowd onto the Resort monorails or the Ferry.

And, of course, there is the case of the door falling off no long ago, and the case of the doors opening up while the train was moving, etc.

The monorail trains should have been replaced YEARS ago. Many years ago. But Disney didn’t. And so problems are becoming more common place.

Then rumors swirled last year that Disney was finally going to replace the trains and had ordered replacements of the newest design. Good. Finally. But then Disney denied the rumors were true. What?

I know it will take time to replace the trains. They have to be built and tested. But you would think Disney would just, for PR sake, say that they are planning to do something about the monorail. And when they don’t…and even deny they are doing anything…it raises more concerns.


I agree. When we were there in August it was terrible. It smells like a mix of hay, grass and humidity. And the Epcot line was down on the Saturday night when we were there…

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The solution is obvious: They can just put handrails along the entire track and let people walk instead of taking the trains! It can’t breakdown that way!


The monorail always makes me think of the PRT here at WVU. Granted it is much smaller and also steam operated. But they shut it down during student vacations for maintenance. Maybe they should consider some scheduled shut down for maintenance.

Ooh! I like it. And they can provide skateboards for folks to make it easier.

You must sell insurance for a living

You apparently don’t understand insurance at ALL. :wink:

Sure I do, it’s like gambling. I just place bets on what bad things I think will happen to my family. :slight_smile:


In the olden days, folks would offer sacrifices to the gods to ensure their safety and well-being.

In modern times, the power of “the gods” has been given over to insurance agents. If you pay your premiums (offerings) on time, nothing bad will ever happen. But the moment you stop, watch out. They will sick the curses on you!

It isn’t all that different than extended warranties on appliances and electronics.

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Did you just have another good idea?

It could be like the Highline in New York.


Someone should run the numbers and see if the capacity would be greater if they replaced the monorail with the people mover. Even though the cars would move more slowly, seems like the continuous loading would help distribute riders more evenly.

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Um. While I love People Mover, this is a horrid idea.

Why? Because it means I would have wasted my money on a T-shirt that says, “Por favor, mantenganse alejado de las puertas!”


It is sad that such an iconic aspect of Disney is so neglected. I do hope they fix it. But i remain skeptical.

My reason to not want anything to do with the skyliner is this. It will be fine for a little while. But once it hits a problem it will be worse than the monorail to rescue.

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You do understand that the people mover has also broken down several times.

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I’d recommend a regular old moving sidewalk, but then I’d get annoyed with all the people just standing on it blocking the whole path. :smiley:

The High Line is not actually on the tracks for the most part. It is path - wide path that in most cases abuts buildings.

Yep. I can attest to that. Broke down twice on the same ride experience on us a couple of years ago. Had to finally evacuate and walk a pretty good hoof to get back to ground level. It even included a ladder which was interesting with a 2 year old.

My wife had to literally “walk the plank” to get off the boats on POTC one time, since they had to bridge the gap from the boat over the water to dry “ground”. :slight_smile:

Certainly rides break down. But while unfortunate, it is altogether different than when a PRIMARY means of transportation for the entire population of a park (that is, though leaving/coming to MK) has significant failures while KNOWING that it is well beyond the expected lifespan, you would expect Disney to have a known plan to fix the issue! If they do, they aren’t communicating it…which I think is a PR mistake in this case.


Is it though? I assume you’re referring to going to epcot from the monorail resorts, since there’s boats to MK. I’m guessing they run buses to epcot when the monorail is down. So maybe it’s technically primary, but buses can take over on a moment’s notice.

We might not like it, but they may have a very expensive refurbishment planned that won’t happen until the monorail reliability drops a lot lower than it is right now. Every year that they delay spending what is probably tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars to fix/ replace is a lot of money saved. We think they should have fixed the problem 10 or 15 years ago, but the interest on the money they would have spent then will probably pay for the whole job now.

If they threw money at everything that annoyed guests, the price of admission would be much higher.