More Monorail woes?

It is not the Mono Rail cars that are the problem. Yes, I have heard of doors opening while in route or maybe even fulling off. This is rare but the first is a on board computer problem and the second is definitely wear. The main problem tough is not the Mono Rail itself but rather the track it rides on and the computer system that controls it. No matter what you do, even if it be replacing the whole thing, they are still going to have glitches in the system. You must understand that Disney is NOT ignoring maintenance on the Mono Rail because this is a lawsuit waiting to happen and they don’t need that. Safety is a huge factor in any transportation system and believe me they recognize this fact. The equipment is getting old and there is no doubt about that. Things will happen even in the best of maintenance but to say Disney is slacking on the Mono Rail is highly unlikely.

For those of you that also believe that the Monorail system has been left in the dust, you are all somewhat right. The people that come to WDW are expecting new and better attractions as well as upgrades in property and resorts. So, a lot of expenditures are going to these items to keep you and yours coming. The Monorail is being kept up as best they can right now and I am sure a new system is probably in the works but there is only so much money and time and attractions after all are the draw. Consider some oldy rides such as Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbian, and such. They break down quite often and we know it but we still keep going. Believe it or not many of these rides themselves are not the problem but the electronics and computer system that control them are now obsolete as well. You cannot replace everything at one time or they would just have to close the whole park down and start over. I for one do not wish to see the old favorites eliminated.


Brand new doesn’t mean working perfectly either… One of my friends was at a CM gondola preview last night and one of the lines went down so they had to bus them to another station.

Brand new. Line down.

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My point exactly.

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