More Monorail woes?

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I grow weary of the monorail woes without Disney bothering to making any official announcements about plans to remedy the situation. It rather ruins the magic of Disney when the “magical” experience of taking the monorail ends up with doors opening mid-ride, doors falling off, trains stalling and causing backups on the system, etc.

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Whoa. That would be a crimp in any plans. I am thinking of our 3 month old and what she would be doing come hungry time. That is crazy and kind of ridiculous too.

That’s approaching 3 hours stuck on the monorail. I’d worry about my bladder! I think I’ll make sure I use the restroom BEFORE getting aboard any monorail in the future.

I hope Disney compensated these guests generously.

I’m sure they did but it shouldn’t be happening.

I’ve also heard stories of people getting stuck on a WDW ride for 3 hrs. I guess there is no way around the potential problem except to go when you have to go…

Why do you think the monorail cars smell the way they do?


I’ve never really noticed that they smell bad. Is this a recent development?

No they’ve always smelled like a farmyard.

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It’s the subway funk. Seems to happen with public transportation. Not good.

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Guess I’ve been too distracted by the excitement of hitting MK.

I am not condoning what’s happening on varies venues but it is to be expected occasionally as things do break down. Even with continued maintenance you can’t prevent these ocurrences. With the amount of usage it’s bound to happen.

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Except the monorail is well past it’s lifetime and Disney has known it for years, now with more and more issues.

Disney doesn’t see the monorail as a revenue generator so has put off replacing the trains for years as a result.


And people are scared of the skyline? At least that’s new technology.

Everyone would love to believe Disney doesn’t care about certain items breaking down. They do, but it is a big expense to fix and money is also being used for new items. The monorail is a big part of Disney and hopefully they don’t discontinue it all together without a replacement. Business is money and money talks. If you and many others are unhappy believe me Disney cares.

exactly. …the bladder thing. Guess I will rely on uber when needing to go to epcot

If they cared they’d fix it. They don’t because it doesn’t bring in revenue.

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It gets you where you want to go be it Epcot, Transportation Center, Magic Kingdom, or a Resort. Resorts have restaurants which are also in the parks and you need a way to get there. The mono rail is old and it obviously need constant upkeep. So do the buses and many attractions. This brings Disney money by you being able to get to where you wish to go to spend more money. Just Say’in

Look if I got stuck on the Mono Rail for three hours I would be pissed. Hasn’t happened yet but it could. I have however been stuck in It’s a Small World and the Haunted Mansion a number of times and one was for an hour. The thing is there is wear on everything and it is going to happen. I just deal with it and keep coming back, don’t you?

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I agree Disney does care due to money (if everyone got stuck on the monorail for three hours, you’d have a lot of dissatisifed customers and revenues would drop). But I also agree they have to prioritize spending and for some reason have not focused on the monorail. They are playing a high risk strategy by letting it run at the edge of disrepair.

I can see why it doesn’t get a lot of love - it’s an old system that they’re probably hoping to replace either with a Skyliner if that proves to be popular or with a newer monorail. They probably don’t want to throw a ton of money at it in the meantime. But they’re running out of time.

[quote=“Jeff_AZ, post:19, topic:64526”]
I can see why it doesn’t get a lot of lov
[/quote] I don’t know about you or the others but I watch the Mono Rail coming and going all the time. It may be old but it is still a Disney Icon. Does Disney slack when it comes to the Mono Rail? I don’t really think so. There is a lot of upkeep and like the railroad from which I have much experience as a Locomotive Engineer, I can tell you the track is constantly inspected and repaired. Revenue depends on it. I do not know if they intend to replace the hold shebang which would be a huge expense or just upgrade the current system. You can be sure that they are doing one or the other as the Mono Rail is Disney World and a first experience for many.