Moms Gone Wild, Disney Edition (A trip report)

On our way!


Safe travels and enjoy!! Have a ton of fun!!


Yay safe travels!!

We got in super early this morning and I’m laying here ready to get up but the husband and kids are all SNORING.

Who sleeps after 9am at Disney?! Gahhhh.

LOL. If you see a girl in a dress with sparkly crystal flats this week give a holler!!! We don’t have any real plans, just floating around. (The horror)


Considering 9am is really 6am on your bodies, I’d be sleeping too! :rofl: Have a fun week.


Have a wonderful trip!

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Those who are sitting in the Hall of Presidents? (Oh, wait. Did I just say that out loud?)


We are on DME!


Smudgy, but still magical


You are going to be shocked at how big WDW property is compared to Disneyland! I love both coasts, but they are entirely different beasts.

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First evening at the world was yummy :drooling_face:. Got to check out Disney Springs. Definitely a different vibe than Downtown Disney. It had a very upscale outdoor mall feel to me, but didn’t feel very “Disney” to me. Missed our bus to Pop and jumped on the bus to Art of Animation and took the bridge over to Pop. My years of stalking this site have already started to payoff! Looking forward to my first day in the park tomorrow.


Have a great time! Thanks for letting us follow along!

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Yay! Hope you have an amazing day today!

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Had a hiccup with my ticket this morning at EMM. Had a great morning after getting my ticket straightened out (sort of). I still have to go to guest services to see if it is fixed, but rather than stressing about it, I am just trying to roll with it. Count so far is 2x SDD, TSMM, ASS, pic with Jessie and Woody, 2x RNR, muppets 3D, and Frozen sing along. Now on to AK.


Apparently I mistook RNR for Star tours, as I appear to be doing my best Jabba impersonation!


It’s fun reading along. Thanks for posting all of this!

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Im so disappointed. The title of the thread is very misleading! :joy:


Haha! I can not keep my eyes open on RNR no matter how hard I try - every single picture of me is mouth open; eyes shut. :rofl:

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I’m super happy for you!
Enjoy your trip.

Overall I like DLR more than WDW, but I thought DS and DTD were very similar.

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You’re there!! So stinkin’ excited for you & can’t wait how to hear all about it!!!

I LOVE hearing about fellow DLR veterans’ first trips to WDW!!


You are DH’s ride photo twin! He says he always looks like he’s sleeping!

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