Mom & son trip report Operation: Enduring Hope 2 - electric boogaloo


And so the adventures begin again! I didn’t forget about the last trip report, it was just the last few weeks of school were killer. Now I just need to add the photos and post.

But that’ll have to wait a week because here we are again in the airport!!


Safe travels! I’ll be keeping my eye out for y’all!


Have a great trip. I’m so happy you’re able to do this!


Mom looks much more chipper for this trip. Have fun.


Have a great trip! Mom does look more energetic for this one. Hope you both have a fantastic time. :grin:


Safe travels! Great pictures!


And we’re on the DME! But it’s a bus planned for several stops :sob: so it’ll be like an hour before we’re in the park at least.


You both look very happy though! Have a fantastic time!


Your Mom is looking great, check out that smile! Have a wonderful time!


You both look great and ready to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Congratulations on finishing your classes, and so glad your mom is feeling well and ready to enjoy The World!


Your mom looks very happy and energetic. I hope y’all have a great trip!


Renting points rocks!!!

Got the exact room I requested. I can barely handle this view.

Moms spent. Heat and 12+ hours of awake time got to her, so she’s napping while I blitz MK Solo style!


Amazing view!


Have a great time! You guys look so happy!


Whatta view! Have an awesome trip!


Wow! That view would be one heck of a reason to stay at Bay Lake Towers. Awesome! :grinning:


Picked mom up for dinner and we’re eating at the plaza. Not bad, AWESOME milkshakes (that have free refills).

Bottomless milkshakes: good in theory; horrible in practice. Super full, probably drank about a million calories and super full. I regret nothing!! :slight_smile:


So glad to see you back at the world. Have a great trip. Maybe see ya soon.

Congrats on finishing your classes. And mom does look good.


So happy to see you in the world again! Mom looks great and so do you! I need to rent points and get that view!!! Can’t wait to follow along again!


Wow! Great view!