So what’s the word on making fpp reservations attached to a MNSSHP ticket? Can you do this and when? 60 days out from party date or 30? Has anyone done it where they made fpp for a different park in the morning and then still be able to make fpp attached to the party ticket from 4-7pm? just wondering what’s been the experience for those so far with sept party tickets that are less than 30 days out.

ooh good question would love to know the answer to this also

I was not able to make regular FP+ for HS and then again after 4 PM for MK on MNSSHP ticket :frowning: there are no FP+ after 7 as far as I know

I was able to make FPP reservations for times from 4:00-7:00 pm on our party day, 60 days out. We aren’t doing another park that day so I didn’t try combining with other park FPP.

I am going to MNSSHP on 9/1 and was not able to make any FPP for after 7pm. My last FPP of the day is from 5:45-6:45.

@armywife328, it didn’t use one of your park ticket days up when you did the fpp did it? it was definitely linked to just the MNSSHP party ticket? just double checking.

Maybe the system recognizes your ticket package and allows you to book fpp for the 4pm-7pm party timeslot, only if you have not allocated the fpp for that day already.

The system doesn’t actually know that you are booking those fpp under your party ticket, but you can still only book the initial 3 for that day. Hope that makes sense !! (It sounded good in my head!) :wink:

@mjsmomma we are waiting to buy military salute tickets when they go on sale, August 25. I only have my MNSSHP tickets linked. I thought that FPP only works at one park per day, regardless.

@Jayzeeduck what if let’s say you only bought a 5 day park ticket, and then the party ticket was your 6th park day. When making fpp’s at 60 days out, will it let you make fpp’s for all 6 days (the park tix package plus the party ticket)??

I think it depends on whether or not you are staying on property. I have a six day ticket but we’re staying on property for 8 days and I’m able to reserve FPP for all 8 days. One of those days we have MNNSHP tix, but I don’t think the system recognizes which date you have for that ticket because I have had a rolling open 30 day window ever since I purchased that ticket this past spring. (It has allowed me to make 3 FPP at MK only for ONE day only within that 30 day rolling window. II’ve used it to practice the FPP res system, then cancelled after the test.) Now that my 60 day FPP window has opened, I made my 3 FPP ressies for my MNNSHP date. It allows me to schedule FPP on that day from open to 7pm, so I think the system just counts it as a regular day.

@mjsmomma, I am in agreement with @catdrj. You’ll know for sure when your FPP window opens. Let us know how it works out !

I’m actually not going this year. I have 2 friends who are both going in October, one off site and one on-site and are clueless about Fpp and are asking me lots of questions that I have no answers for! I will hopefully be going next year.

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I am staying for 8 days. I have 7 day park tickets and one party ticket. On my FP day I booked FP for all 7 park days and I booked FP in MK for between 4-7.

Now. My party tickets are linked to my band but I also have a parer ticket.

  1. if I scan my band at entry will it take off a park ticket or see the party ticket. I’m not taking the chance of it taking of a park ticket as I need these for my next 7 days.

Instead I’ll be handing in my party paper ticket. So the question is will my 4-7 FP work as I haven’t scanned my band on entry.

I don’t think you “use” a ticket whilst selecting FP you only use it when you first scan it at entry. Am I right in thinking that.

@shelldub - that is my exact question! you will have to keep us posted on how it works. I guess we will find this out in September when the party’s start happening. since you have 7day park tix and 1 day party tix, did it let you book 8 days worth of fpp or just 7??

Yes because my resort length of stay is 8 days. I want to tag Len but is it Len or Len testa. I don’t go till October and wud be good if it cud be tested in early September.

If your resort stay is 8 days, you will be able to get fastpasses for each of those 8 days. I have an 8 day resort stay and a 6 day ticket, and I just verified that I can make my 3 FPP selections for all 8 days.

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I am staying on site for 7 nights, we have 5 day passes and MNSSHP tickets, I was able to make 6 days of FP at 60 days out. The system would not let me make 7 days of FP, just an FYI.

I have heard to use your hard tickets for entry to the party and not your magic band. But using your magic band for FP won’t cause an issue. :smile:

I accidentally linked the wrong mnsshp ticket to myself instead of my son. Had to call it. I asked cm if I could make fpp on the ticket from 4-7, not going to the park during that day. I told her I didn’t want to use a park ticket for another day. She sighed and said yes, it’s a glitch. You CAN make fpp if you are only using a hard ticket that day, and have other park tickets linked to your magic band. It will not affect your other park days fpp. :slight_smile: I said that’s like cheating and she laughed, and said disney knows about the glitch. I asked, then I can make three fpp for 4,5 and 6 o’clock, and she said yup :):slight_smile:

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