MK Treats and Seats

We have Magic Kingdom Treats & Seats reservations at 8:20pm. If we arrive late, like 8:45, will we be turned away? Will the seats that are left be bad? Are there bad seats at Treats & Seats? Just as a note, we are only doing this party because my mom really wants to see the fireworks and I am worried my dad will have a hard time with the standing and the crowds. Thanks.

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You don’t want to get any “treats”?

Good question. Yes, I am just trying to balance my kids and my parents needs and wondering what our options are. Can you get treats after the show or only before?

There ARE bad seats - and they are usually tables for 5+. They are all the way in the back and the overhang cuts off a lot of the view. I do not recommend trying to arrive late.
I know there is also the other fireworks party that is outdoors that gets the treats after - so they may hustle people out after the fireworks to turn the room over.


The after party takes place in another area. In the past “treats” were only available up to fireworks time.


Ah I didnt realize that.

The seating area for the before and after parties is on the right if you enter from the Plaza. The snacks would be set up in front of the QS area (or in that general area)?

Where is the treats and seats area?

If you entered the terrace area from the Plaza there is a ramp that leads up. On the left you will see tables and chairs in the walled area.

You would enter from the other side, as if you were walking through to MILF.

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And very good to know that if we want treats, we have to arrive earlier

It is unlimited treats so you want to get as many chocolate covered strawberries as possible!


I KNOW MILF means “Monsters Inc Laugh Floor” but this still made me giggle. :smiley:


Lol, glad to see I wasn’t the only one.


OK MILFs notwithstanding, my Treats and Seats ADR says 8 PM
And we’d like to nibble but we’ll be hopping over from EPCOT after nibbling at F&G so we probably won’t be making like locusts

When’s a good time to actually show up?

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This is exactly our situation! I have heard 30 minutes before, but I will be curious if anyone else has a point of view on this too.

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We got in line right at 6pm and were seated about 6:45. 99% sure Enchantment started at 8. This was the line when we arrived.

I think they might seat you in order of arrival, but I’m not sure. There are only a few tables for larger parties against the railing so it might be worth sacrificing time to get there early to get a great seat.

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Wow. Over an hour before showtime. That’s early!
Was it during the winter months?
I don’t think the sun will even be down by 8 when we go.

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@LTinNC82 Thanks! Did you end up with railing seats?

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Yeah it was December. I think Enchantment is at 9 during May so I’d probably get in line by 7:15. I think they officially start letting you in 75 minutes before the show starts.


Yeah we pretty much had our choice of tables. We were a party of 2.