Mission Space which one?

What is the difference between the 2 Mission rides in Epcot? Does one cause more motion sickness? Does one line move faster?


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Orange is more intense and spins to create G forces. Green doesn’t spin. I’ve never seen much of a wait for either of them.

They are also different films - Orange goes to Mars, Green goes around the Earth.

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Orange can induce whole rest of the day out of action motion sickness, it knocked my DM out. It has a mission to mars theme and it is incredible. You fully experience G forces and takeoff.
The green one does not spin and is a more benign simulator than Star Tours. No sickness whatsoever. It is a nice spin around the earth themed. Awesome graphics.
In both you are enclosed in a tight capsule though, so be aware of that if you are claustrophobic.
I hope you enjoy both!!


I have never done Green but now I realize that I should!!!


Do it!! Book your trip right now!!!

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Our first time at WDW, we looked at the description for green and orange first thing in the morning. We (DH46, DD14, DS12, an me (43) said, we can do orange. We all love coasters and the kids seek thrill rides. Less than 15 seconds in, we all wanted out! Our stomachs felt queasy. :nauseated_face: We felt nauseated the rest of the day and hardly ate.

Fast forward 7 years to last December. We walked up to MS and all veered to the green without saying anything!

We enjoyed green and toyed with going on orange! Only DS19, the aspiring aerospace engineer, actually wanted to go on. But he ran out of time.


Orange made me sick as a dog and I will never do it again. I haven’t tried green - interesting that it’s a different mission. I should check it out next time.

Wow you’re not kidding. The wait is only 15 minutes right now, vs. 70 min at Test Track and 65 at FEA. I’m sure Disney is disappointed to have what should be a major attraction pulling such a small crowd.


I’m right there with you. It’s the one Disney ride that makes me sick.


This, I just can’t do orange anymore, then again I can’t do teacups either. I have no problem with green


I did Orange once with DS. Was nauseous for quite a while afterwards. DS remembered it differently. Last year, he and my niece decided on Orange, I told them I would wait at the end. DS11 now declares that he will never do Orange again. :nauseated_face:

This is good to know. I’ll never ride Orange but thought that green, although no G force, might also induce some motion sickness. Star Tours doesn’t bother me at all. I’m going to try green next time.

On MS: Green they lock you in a small closet and make you watch a movie on a small tv. I don’t remember anything moving at all.


I love your ability to make the most mundane things seem like a scandal. :joy:


I’ve done Orange once (never again) Green a few times, Last could trips, skipped outright. It is quite claustrophobic too. (Granted, skipped last time because Epcot is wall city, and we never went to that side)

I did orange once and that was plenty for me. Now if I ride green is the way to go. I am not prone to motion sickness however this ride was too much for me.

I did the orange years ago. I didn’t know what I was getting into. I remember it spinning to simulate the G Forces. It took me right to the point where I thought I would throw up. I was turning my head in anticipation when the spinning stopped. It didn’t know me out the rest of the day, but I realized then I wouldn’t ever go on it again unless it was the green side.

Turning your head likely only made things worse. You’re supposed to keep your head still and look straight ahead.


I think it’s fascinating how different folks react to Orange. My family: DH40, me 38, and DS7 did Orange last year and it didn’t feel like anything to us. We were completely fine and I was SO worried that we were going to be ill. On the other hand, we love big roller coasters (outside of WDW) so I think we’re okay with Gs?

I’m completely fine on roller coasters, and I’ve done the largest ones at Six Flags, etc. Motion simulators make me sick, and Mission Space is its own thing really. The G force plus motion simulator seems designed to make humans ill.


Ooh! Good point! Your response made me remember that a similar set-up is used in astronaut testing. I remember reading about it in Mary Roach’s astronaut book. So we could get through that one test but I’m not sure about the rest.