Mid april 2016 memory maker share

hey guys! Is anyone interested in a memory maker share for April? I will be there the 14th - 18th for the star wars race & dapper day. I personally never participated in a share before so if anyone is willing to host or can teach me how to host that would be great. I’m hoping to find 4 or 5 more groups. Thanks

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We will be there April 3rd-15th, I’ve never done a share before either but I would definitely be down to do it if the dates work out.

Maybe we can read some old threads and figure out how to do this :slight_smile:

Found this:

Per that other post (http://forum.touringplans.com/t/memory-maker-share-for-september-2015 ):

"If you are not familiar with what a Memory Maker share group is, basically you get a group of people together who are all going to be traveling to Disney World around the same time and you split the cost of the Memory Maker package. You have 30 days from the date that the first picture was taken until the last picture is taken. Then you have a period of time (I believe it is something like 60-90 days?) to actually go in and download those pictures.

We’ll be there April 7-10. I’ve participated in shares before and would do it again.

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I would be interested in sharing. We will be there April 16-22

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Interested as well - we are there apr 16-23

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Let me know if you’re still looking for people

Lets do it! — @shyviolet1983 ---- we’ve got 5 people now :slight_smile:

I’m happy to host, I’ve never done this before. Does the host collect payment from everyone and then order the memory maker and then link everyone through my disney experience?

I’ve never hosted either. One of the liners is trying to explain it to me & sent me a written tutorial on it but I’m not completely understanding lol. I’m a bit technology illiterate

can you send me your email so i can add you to my mde. mine is lalaorange_1983@yahoo.com

so our group is @Neyland5, @michaeladevries, @rainfamily, & @adamsfamily7886 and myself. I will host the share but will most likely use my personal mde so just please be respectful of that. :smile: I have a paypal so payment through that would be best and be due by march 1st. Also there will be a few rules so everyone will get the best experience out of this. I’ve just heard a few bad stories & would like to protect us all from experiencing that. Please send me an email so I can get everyone connected asap. :smiley:

Just sent you a message. Sorry about the late reply but I was at Disney over the weekend!!

I will be there March 29-31. Not sure if you are all set or if my dates would even work with yours. I really don’t know anything about MM shares, but let me know if interested in adding another. No worries if I’m too late!

I’m late too…I’m March 31 - April 8th…would be willing to share if there’s still others interested, but I don’t want (or know how) to host…

There were also 2 other people on the March MM Share post… I haven’t done it before, but I think it seems pretty straight forward? I would think we could get 5-6 people which would put it at $25-30/person?

Ok, check out Memory Maker Share March- we have one starting up there!

@Neyland5 @rainfamily - is this still happening? I haven’t heard from anymore…

I haven’t heard anything either

I sent her an email about a week ago and haven’t heard back. And on my disney profile it says her plans are now for Sept…wondering if we should proceed without her? Have you tried emailing?

I’m a complete newb (this is actually my first post), but I would be interested if you’re still looking (looking once again) for people. We’re going April 23-30.