Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?

Wondering if the extra tickets and cost are worth it to attend the Christmas party and would love to hear some opinions. We’re traveling with four adults total, and three little girls, 7 and under, and this will be our first trip. I couldn’t get Anna and Elsa fast passes, so I’m wondering if this would be a good time to see them with a shorter wait, as well as other characters. What else would be a benefit to going? What would be some reasons for skipping it?

Thanks for your input!

I went to both the Halloween and Christmas Partiy last year for the first time. I will say that the night I went to the Christmas Party it was crowded. I lined up for the parade at the same time and in the same spot as I did for the Halloween Party (or at least I tried but I couldn’t get anywhere near the same spot). That being said, it was of the most magical experiences I have ever had! A Disney crowd in the Christmas spirit is magical! The parade, fireworks and castle show alone were worth the cost for me. I was able to do many rides after 10:00. It was my one time doing standby at 7DMT and PP for the queues. I rode space multiple times.

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We really enjoyed MVMCP - in fact, on our last trip we didn’t get PH tickets and used the savings for party tickets. My one warning would be to make sure that you take a good afternoon break with naps for the little ones or else it will be a very long and less enjoyable evening for them.

Have been to MVMCP a few times- and really wanted to be ‘done’ with it, as it feels much more crowded than it is since everyone gathers for the entertainment at the same time. That said, DW wants to go this year, so we are headed back. If you are into characters, and don’t mind standing in line- this is the ticket to get. Sometimes (not sure if always) the princes show up with the princesses. And some of the characters are hard to find elsewhere. This is off topic, but if you are up for a rope drop at the MK to see A&E since you couldn’t get FP+s, you should read this. Depending on when you are going, crowds shouldn’t be this large- unless it is Christmas week through New Year’s- then this could be the scenario you encounter. It is a bit dated, but the advice still applies- just go to A&E instead of 7DMT:


Thanks for the input! If everyone in the group is up for paying the extra cost, we’ll plan to the Christmas party. We’re going the week before Thanksgiving though, so my husband will probably grumble about Christmas before Thanksgiving :wink:

Rope drop scares me. Haha There are a few morning people in our group, but my DH isn’t one of them and I always have a hard time getting out the door in the morning. If RD is at 9am and you have to be there x amount of time before that AND you have to factor in travel time (not even including getting ready for the day with three littles and getting breakfast)… it just seems like we’ll need to start the day at an ungodly hour. And then if we want to see Wishes or go to the Christmas party… even with a break in the middle of the day I can’t see how we all wouldn’t be exhausted the next day. Tell me what’s wrong with my picture… this is one of the Disney puzzle pieces that I can’t quite grasp.

I guess the missing piece is that you have more time to rest, nap, and swim if you hit rope drop. Many people don’t feel like they are on vacation if they don’t get down time. This restful approach alters sleep patterns, but makes people less tired in the long run, more rested, fewer lines, less crowds, more smiles. :slight_smile:

If a crazy long day isn’t fun for your group, don’t do a park the morning of MVMCP. We’ve done RD through midnight (no breaks) a couple of times, but without parks on the day before or after. Usually, we don’t do anything other than the party on that day.

Nothing is wrong with your picture, lol! RD is very hard for my family. I am the only morning person. After about the 5th trip, DH and my kids finally understand the importance of RD. We get so much done before lunch that it is worth it for us. That said, we have to stagger our mornings and nights. If we do RD one day, we turn in early that night. We arrive later in the morning another day with the plan to stay until closing. RD is not absolutely necessary, especially now with the FPP system but if you want to experience a low crowd for a short time, RD is a must do. I would at least do RD for MK and enjoy the Welcome Show. You will be exhausted probably every day. Disney is not typically a relaxing trip but it’s so much fun.

As far as MVMCP, don’t go with expectations of low crowds and walk-ons for rides and meets. I do recommend it but go in knowing there will be a huge crowd. We went to enjoy the extras like the shows, the parade, the fireworks and the cookies!

That’s a good idea to do RD or a late night and not both. My daughters will be ages 7, 4, and 1 so taking down time will be necessary. I would rather miss a few things and have them in good moods than shove a schedule in their face :smile:

Our first day there will be at MK and we have dinner reservations at Tusker House at 4:30. I think that would be a good opportunity to do RD (everyone will be excited to get the day started with it being the first day) and then after dinner we can go back to the hotel and swim or something like that.

I tell you what- planning a Disney trip is not for the faint of heart. I’m planning the entire trip for my family, and seeing as we’re spending thousands of dollars to go, it’s a lot of pressure to get it right. And I’ve never been there so I feel like shooting in the dark. I’ve read almost too many articles and blogs about it- my head is swimming with tips and info.

Another dilemma that I’m facing… we are doing all character meals (various times) for our sit down meals and most of those will be taking us out of the park I have planned for that day. How much time is this going to take out of our day? Meeting characters is a big priority, moreso than rides. (You can ride a coaster anywhere, but Princess Jasmine is only at Disney!) But I still don’t want to lose most of our time by traveling, waiting, eating, and traveling again. Can someone give me an idea of what to realistically expect? If it helps, we are going Nov 14-21 and we will have a vehicle there.

In my experience, MK is the only park that takes a little more time to enter and exit. It is a massive lot. It should take you as long to exit other parks. I’d say allow an hour travel time from one place to the other but it really depends on your travel destinations. You might consider parking at the park in the morning but using Disney transportation to your meals. Just curious, are you staying onsite?

Yes, we are… we’re staying at Pop Century. So the travel time to another resort for dinner (like 1900 Park Fare) from MK wouldn’t be too consuming? We’ll be traveling to Ohana from HS, 1900 Park Fare from AK, Chef Mickey’s from MK, and Tusker House from MK.

Chef Mickey’s from MK will be the easiest one, jump on the monorail, first stop, get off…boom you are there. To get back to MK, walk back or ride the monorail around back to MK. 15~20minuts

1900 park Fare from MK will also be easy, jump on the monorail, get off at GF, fourth stop, and you are there. 20~25 minutes

Ohana from HS, just grap a bus heading to the Polynesia or drive. This one will take awhile, waiting on the bus, traveling, stop at other resorts possibly. 30~60 minutes.

Wow, thank you! That is incredibly helpful!! Do you think we would save some time going to Ohana if we drive?

I would think so, I have never had a car in Disney, we always fly. I guess it depends on long you what to wait on the tram to get you back to your car, and check in at the MK gate than park at the resort. Are you going back to HS after dinner? Surely you are not missing F! ?If characters are important to your kids you, can’t miss it, right? Anyway, do you get a pass for parking so you can reuse it if you go back? Some one else will have to answer that.

Sorry, what is it that we shouldn’t miss? Do you mean Frozen? We are going to that :slight_smile: The day we are going to HS it closes at 4, so while we are going back after Ohana, our time is going to be short. I’m thinking we may want to squeeze more time in there another day.

Half of our group is flying (so not doing a 13 hr drive with 3 little kids. No thank you! Ha) and my dh and dad are driving. Since we are staying onsite we do get free parking at all the parks. I love that we’ll have the option to drive if we don’t want to use Disney’s transportation.

Hollywood Studios Fantasmic, but it sounds like its not going to be showing the day you are there.

Personally, I would take the bus from HS to Poly. Again, just my experience, but driving to/parking anywhere near MK was time consuming. It might be nice to have your own car afterward though, especially with little ones and strollers. I think you’ll like Pop Century. It’s one of our favorites.

I’m pretty sure your car “tag” from your resort serves as your parking pass at each park. You just keep it on the dash during your entire stay.

Oh I do want to see Fantasmic!! Hmm… we’ll have to park hop one day to see that one.

Sorry if this is a dumb/newbie question, but is the Poly close to MK?

Yes, there are 3 resorts that are right across the lake from MK: Contemporary, Poly, and Grand Floridian. They have a monorail for that route, so eating at those resorts is very easy on a Magic Kingdom day.