Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party QUESTIONS

Can someone please tell me a bit more about this. I just saw that we will be there during this event. What exactly does it entail? If I do not purchase the extra ticket for this even what happens if we are in the park when it starts? Do they make us leave or is there only certain sections we wont be able to go into? What does one get for the extra $68 ticket? If we don’t want to participate, is it best to avoid the park during those hours? Thanks guys! This community is amazingly nice and helpful!

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If you do not have a ticket you will need to leave the park by 7pm when the party starts. The cast members will be looking for people who do not have a party wristband and will escort them out. If you decide to go to the party there is trick or treating, some special character meets, and a parade and fireworks that are only done during the party. My family loves the party and the parade and fireworks are great!


The Not So Scary Halloween Party is a hard ticketed event. That means if you don’t purchase the tickets about 6:30 they start ushering you out of the park. By 7 they stop asking and start pushing lol.

The party itself is one of the top rated events of the year. There are tons of special party only meet and greets, like Jack and Sally and all seven dwarfs. Most of the characters are in costumes and guests are encouraged to also dress up. There are special events, shows, dance parties, food and merchandise that are only available during the party. There is special ‘Boo to You’ parade and the evening fireworks are Hallowishes! both of which, again, are top favorites. They have trick or treat trails where they fill your bag with candy. And if you still want to do rides most of them will be walk on.

I very rarely see a negative review of the party and when I do it’s usually because of something outside of Disney’s control like bad weather.

As for going that day it’s usually a lighter crowd because people that aren’t attending the party don’t want to burn a ticket day when the park closes early. If you have hoppers it’s a good idea because you can leave and go to a different park. Party guests are allowed to enter on a party ticket starting at 4pm so that’s when the crowds start to pick up until seven when the party officially starts.

The parties are a little pricey but most consider this one a can’t miss opportunity when they are available during their travel time.


Or the lack of gluten-free, sugar-free, coloring-free, dairy-free, vegan trick-or-treat candy…


Also the ticket gets you in at 4pm so you don’t need a standard ticket.

Is that 100% sure? Everything I’ve read “officially” has it starting at 7PM, with the “if you get a nice CM at the tapstiles, they’ll let you in as early as 4” experiences from Liners.

I have a question: are any of the QS places open during the party for dinner? Or should we eat before going? (I see that the TS places aren’t taking reservations after 6:10 on MDE…)

It’s 100% sure… we were leaving at about 3:45 for drinks at Poly and the line was already huge by the time we got back around 5:30 they’d all long since been let in. There are a couple of QS places open but not many. Mostly snacks. I’d eat before.

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I have not had a problem getting in at 4.

Thanks! So, if we get in at 4, we can still do QS between 4 - 7-ish, right? Or is the limited availability of QS then, too? (I picture us eating at our hotel beforehand, but I want to be set with all my options!)

Yep everything is open until 7 and you make FP’s with your party ticket from 4-7 as well.

Really!!?? FPP!!! I can buy 1 less day of park tickets now! You have made my day!

When I order my tickets for it, do I get a physical ticket, and/or is it on my MDE account? Is that subject to the 60 days thing, too?

Yes, Yes, and I don’t actually know.

Yes they will mail you a physical ticket

If you are signed into MDE and buy it from the site it will automatically link in MDE

I know you can use them for FPP but since we did that park all day we still only got 3 total, so I don’t know if it’s 30 or 60 days out. Had I made a separate MDE account with just the party ticket on it we could have gotten 6. Honestly though I’d still consider going before because until 4 it’s pretty dead in the park… speaking in Disney Relativity anyways.

You are an expert! Thanks, @Outer1! I hope they let you keep the ticket… I love collecting stuff like that! (I still kick myself for letting my parents throw away an ENTIRE book of WDW tickets from the early days. I bet I could finance a house with the proceeds from that!

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They do, although it’s just a standard plastic Disney ticket, it doesn’t say anything about the party on it. We didn’t even take ours we just used our MB’s to get in.

Aww that stinks… not even a Mickey Pumpkin face or HM ghosts… so much for extra magic for the extra fee! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to go to this party - I’m especially excited for the parade. I hope it doesn’t rain enough to cancel it…

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Yea all I can say is plan for the busier early parade in case the late one gets cancelled for rain as happened at our MVMCP party.

Another great tip! I loved the MVMCP parade about 5 years ago. How does the Halloween one compare?

I don’t know I haven’t seen it lol. We only went to the Christmas party. I’ve watched it on Youtube… it looks pretty awesome.

WOW! With all your tips and expertise, I thought you’d done the Halloween party many times!

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