Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party QUESTIONS

Nope I just retain a ton of what I read. Just don’t ask me what I had for breakfast lol. The two parties operate identically though. Just different decorations.

I love the Halloween parade. Very unique and, if it hasn’t been raining, the parade opens with a very special character, seen only during the parade. If you want to see, youtube the parade. The Haunted Mansion is also well represented during the parade.

The party is well worth it, in my opinion, not because of the candy but because after the first parade and Hallowishes the place clears out and almost everything becomes a walk on. The lines for the special characters can be brutal, but that isn’t something we do so I don’t worry about that.

ETA: I also think Hallowishes beats the heck out of regular Wishes.

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Same with Holiday Wishes… it was amazing!

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We love mnsshp!!! Going for our third year this oct! Yes get there at 4… Yes use your fpp between 4-7… Yes grab some food prior to party… Watch because I know in the past some quick serves have a limited menu or close early (Columbia house) we usually grab some caseys on the way in and then snack on a pretzal or churro during the first parade! My ds5 has always loved the tick or treating and i love the low waits!!! I highly highly recommend mnsshp!!! It’s a great deal (I think!!) and the party itself is just so much fun! Don’t forget your costume!!!

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Can I tack on a fireworks viewing question? :fireworks: Is a good spot for regular Wishes also a good spot for Hallowishes? Any other considerations for the special fireworks?

We’re going to put a lot of thought into where we end up for the fireworks on our party night (and are willing to camp out early for the right spot) because my kiddos are scared of the sound. So we’ll need to be far enough back that they don’t freak out, but are still hoping for a nice view. Suggestions welcome! :smile:

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They are basically in the same places although during Holiday Wishes the ending had a much more 360 effect where it seemed like they were all around the front half of the park instead of just over the castle. Maybe somewhere toward the back of the park like Frontierland? You’ll miss the projection show but they do that more than once a night and it’s likely to be as quiet as fireworks can be from inside the park.

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We have tickets for our first party this year. Are there a lot of people there not in costume? I don’t plan to wear one. not sure about my kids yet .

Last year we stumbled across what is now our favorite fireworks spot ever… Since I had ds8 months with us last party… We didn’t want to be in all te crowds so we headed to the area right in front of dumbo… So I had a quick escape inside to the tent if needed… To the end o hallowishes they shoot off fireworks around the whole park And standing back by dumbo it was amazing!!! Even dh… Who isn’t easily impressed was amazed!!! So that our spot from now on… Don’t tell anyone :wink:


I would say for the parties we have been to… Most all kids are in costume and I’ve seen a lot of adult getting in on te fun too! We love dressing up and getting into the spirit! This year ds says we are all going as Star Wars characters! We do modify for the adults… Dh wears a character shirt :wink: he’s no fun! Hahaha

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My husband and I did not have a costume and we brought the boys to pirates league earlier in the day for their costume. Some adults were in costume and some were not.

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cAN SWill someone kindly link me to the abreviation key? I am seeing alot of acronyms I don’t get: Dh, Ds8, etc… Thanks!

DH typically is “darling husband” , ds8 = darling son 8 years etc. I googled and found this “internet slang” page that might help if there are other things you are missing (I didn’t review in detail though and its not disney specific – I’ve had to google a few things over time too)


Thank you! It’ll be our little secret! :wink:

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This is a large majority of the Disney abbreviations used, but there are some that aren’t on this list, so feel free to ask anytime you see one you don’t recognize

so excited, going for first time this year!!

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We just love mnsshp… Third year coming up and It won’t be our last… We are hooked!!!

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I went for the first time in October, and it was a fun experience. I got the special party pictures taken, got to see Jack Sparrow, saw the fireworks, Saw Tarzan, Jane and Terk, I was solo, so at just about the right time, I wandered into the crowd in the hub and just watched from there. And I got a nice spot for the second parade.

Personally, if you are not into the parades and fireworks, I would skip the event. The special character meets are nice, and the lines on the rides are low. But the parade and fireworks are the real prize of the night.

For sure you can get in at 4:00. Party is totally worth it!

We are attending our first Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. My question is; Does Disney supply Trick-or-Treat bags, or do we need to bring our own? (I read somewhere that they used to, but can’t find any current info. on whether they do or don’t).