Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2014

Roll Call! Favorite event at this party? Best tips?

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My sis and I will be going Oct.3rd. for the first time and no kiddos! Would love some tips!

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Hi @jenniemouse!

I liked the “Boo To You” parade so much I wanted to see it twice during the party. Second parade was much lighter attended. When the schedule comes out - be sure and take a look at it and decide what you most want to do. We enjoyed Trick or Treating, dance parties and of course, the parade. (We also liked riding Space Mountain over and over after the second parade.)

I’m going 2nd October for my second time. Cant wait.


Tower of Terror 10 Miler Weekend! Fun!

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I loved the Boo to You Parade. We did more rides than special events when we went to the party, but it was fun seeing everyone in costume and catching glimpses of the villains when we walked thru the hub.

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We’ll be at the October 2nd party too - our 3rd year in a row (a MUST DO for DD8 and DS6). My personal favorite is the Headless Horseman at the front of the parade. DD8 and DS6 love the trick or treating and DH likes walking onto most of the rides (last year we were able to just stay on Pooh and ride it over and over again).


It’s a great time to ride attractions! We rode Space Mountain over and over after the second parade :smile:

Agreed - Headless Horseman is amazing!

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@MeetMeAtThePoly MNSSHP is hands down our favorite event at WDW.

  • Boo to You parade is EXCELLENT and be sure you are in place 5 minutes prior to parade to see the Headless Horseman ride. We watch in Frontier Land and the second parade is WAY less corwded. They hand out candy on the parade route so you’ll want your littles near the rope
  • Hallowishes will BLOW YOUR MIND! Beyond amazing show. You will want to be dead center on the end of main / hump from the hub. The crowd is lighter and there is more space between all those bodies to watch. You will want to see the castle as straight on and clearly as possible
  • DS10, even before dabetic, was not interested in the candy, but the trick or treat lines seem to go very quickly and the bags are over flowing with candy. So much so that we just ask other people in line to hook us up with a treat :slight_smile:
  • Rides really are walk ons, especially the later the party goes. Space will always have a longer wait than Pirates, but still nothing to get annoyed about. The spirit in the park is really fun so waiting is not nearly as painful. I wish we knew how many tix they sell, and I suspect they have expanded their capacity for the party with the opening of New Fantasy Land
  • There will be a clog at the gate with people leaving and people coming in. We arrive at 5:30 or so, but arriving at 7pm is nice because the smoke and fog is pouring all over the gates, the music is playing, the pumpkins are all lit. We like to do a day of rest then get costume ready and we eat our meal pre party
  • MNSSHP is made even better by the high participation rate with people in costume. I thought we’d be ok with just Halloween tshirts at our second party. But both DS10 and I were sad we weren’t dressed up. It seems silly, but put thought and fun into your costumes and it will make your party so much happier.
  • We don’t do meet & greets, and I know lines have been long. But, just having the different characters out and scattered around the park is fun. I feel like Haunted Mansion became a club house and Madam Leota was riding the haunted carriage out front.
  • Cast members seem happy too & are fun
  • We do buy a special item - like a pin or tshirt. I think the merchandise is well done.
  • Food & Wine being at the same time is like a gift from Walt himself. And with low crowds and cooler weather it is really the best time to be at WDW

We are going Sept 19th & hoping Sept 16th or 21st as well. But Air Supply is playing Oct 3rd and I am conflicted.


Nice overview! Makes me wish I were going again this year!

We are going Sept 26. We went two years ago and it was absolutely the best part of our trip! Like everyone else says, the parade is fantastic. It’s not uncommon for one of us to just start singing Boo to You whenever we talk about our trip… or other random times.

We’re hoping to go Sept 14th. It’s our first time! Super excited. We’re planning to go as PP, Wendy, Michael and John Darling. :slight_smile:

Agree the parade is the best of Disney. That’s song sticks in you head forever. We love it

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Thanks for all the info @MagicMN! I will be going to my 1st MNSSHP on Sept 23rd! We are so excited!!

I’ll be there with my family on the 16th of September.

Planning on being there on the 14th as well

@Jec4289 where are you staying? We are at POFQ.


@etzmn123. We are planning on being there on 9/26!