Mickey Railroad

We will be visiting Hollywood studios on March 4 and 5. We have 6 fast passes (slinky, MF, toy story mania, TofT, swirling saucers, and star tours) between the two days. We want to ride Mickey and Minnie railroad, rocking roller coaster, and rise of the resistance too. What is the best plan for this? We were thinking rope drop March 5 arriving at 7:15 to get rise of the resistance boarding pass and riding the railroad first thing then rockin roller coasterr…would it be better to try this on March 4?

From reports RNR seems to have pretty high waits early in the morning. Are you planning on using FPP drops? What time are your current FPP times?

March 4
10:00 star tours
12:10 Alien Saucers
1:25 slinky dog

March 5
Tower of terror 10:20
Toy story mania 11:50
Millennium Falcon 1:05

5 of us in our party and with Mickey and Minnie railroad opening on March 4th I’m not sure of the best plan

Should we just pass on rise of the resistance and ride Mickey and Minnie near park close and go to fireworks at Epcot?
Or try and get an AM boarding pass to rise of the resistance and plan to ride Mickey and Minnie railroad followed by rocking roller coaster at rope drop?

If you want to rope drop Mickey and Minnie on opening day I think you’re going to need to arrive well before 7:15.

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I would RD March 4 - do either RNR or MMRR after getting a BG for ROTR. That way, if things don’t work out with one of the rides, you have time to decide what to prioritize on the second day. For the second day, if all went well on day 1, I would either RD again and do the other one OR come in later and plan to stay until close to ride then.

The other, not guaranteed but possible, solution is to make use of the 2:31 drop. You might be able to get the extra FPP you need.

2:31 drop?

Oh yes :slight_smile: Welcome to the next level of the proverbial rabbit hole. Each day, new FastPasses are added to the system. Dutiful liners have tracked and monitored this. In fact someone is tracking it pretty closely right now as MFSR and MMRR have entered the FPP scene.

Check out this thread. The first post is most important. Then you can scroll to the end to see what people are reporting with the new rides opening (spoiler alert - looking pretty good!)

This is quite valuable too and might help you out in getting some extra FPPs


So thankful for this tip
I will definitely be using this
We will try for RD on March 4
How early do you recommend getting there?

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I haven’t experienced it at all since SWGE, but I am personally planning at least 90 early. I’m a front of pack rope drop person (if I’m getting there that early, I’m going to be first). Hopefully someone with recent experience will chime in.

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RotR BG can be challenging to get. You really want to be prepared to try on both days to give yourself some wiggle room. Then skip that on Day 2 if you were successful on Day 1.

For Tier 1 rides, you really want to be there 90 min before park opening. MMRR…opening days…that one could be tough. No idea how that queue will go.

I think 45 min early for RnRC is probably sufficient, but maybe someone that has done it recently can chime in. I think I’d do that on Day 1 and monitor reports on MMRR to see how early you would need to RD it on Day 2.

Between now and then, if it were me, I’d keep trying to modify SDD to MMRR. I‘m thinking SB for SDD will be a lot easier than MMRR. And definitely monitor those FP drops on Day 1!

Hollywood studios success!! Thank you for the information about the fast pass drops. We got to HS at 6:30 on Thursday. Allowed in the park at 7:00 and straight into line for MMRR riding by 8:30 Got boarding group 26 for rise of the resistance. It broke down for 5 minutes in the middle and they gave us a fast pass to ride it again!!! Loved it! We also rode ROckin roller coaster during fireworks show Twice with a 7 minute wait.

With the fast pass drop tip, we were able to fast pass frozen, test track, spaceship earth, mission space, and Soarin’ in one day! No lines for us! We also came back to Epcot and used the drop to ride Soarin’ with fast passes two other times-it was a family favorite. Sitting B row 1 is amazing!!

Thank you for all the tips!!!