Menu for Space220 - now up, plus booking info

220 miles strikes a balance among: protection from solar particles and radiation, carrying capacity of resupply missions, and atmospheric drag. Since newer supply rockets have a better cost-per-pound to orbit than the Space Shuttle, the ISS orbit was raised to 248 miles to cut down on the fuel required to overcome residual atmospheric drag.

Facts are fun, but I guess that misses the joke™.


@Randall1028 definitely mentioned $100. Maybe he was adding a glass of wine.

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Someone was including the upcharge for the steak so as to say $100 for a steak dinner, more or less…


For extra credit, explain why the Star Trak transporter is no less scientifically probable than a space elevator to a station in low earth orbit.

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Nope. I was doing the basic math.

79 + 18 for steak is $97




Oh the upcharge, I forgot. So no wine, that’s sad :joy:

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ohhh i’m sure if you want wine, they’ll add it on… for $40 a gulp :wink:


That salmon looks delicious! I’ll need to look back at the menu to see what the cross cross thing next to it is.

I love the grey moon plate!! :new_moon:

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King Oyster Mushrooms :yum:

On the space220 official site, the Flight Bites (Deviled Eggs, Calamari, etc.) are only listed under the Lounge Menu.

But on the Disney site/MDE, there is no separate Lounge Menu and the Flight Bites are included on the Lunch & Dinner Menu.

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Anyone else with their fingers hovering over the reservations button? Sitting here anxiously waiting for go.

Set my alarm for 5:40am - opened up my phone…there were reservations available for lunch…switched to different times at dinner, at 5:43 found the one I wanted…and the site has been spinning on Review Your Reservation since then. I think I am probably out of luck but I will sit here until something happens anyway.

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Same here. I’ve had to enter my credit card information multiple times, and the reserve on my account has gone through, but the reservation still hasn’t gone through.