Memory Maker Share - September 2017

I’m going to Animal Kindom for 1 day (Sep 10th) and I would love to get photos taken. Since MM is wayyyyy too expensive for 1 day, I wanted to see if anyone was doing a share. I’m not really sure how that works and I don’t want to mess it up. So if anyone wants to be a leader for a share I would love to join in. :slight_smile:


I’m going to eat there September 26 and 28 and would be interested to share if we could get enough people.

I also do not know exactly how it works either though.

Yay! Hopefully we can get more people and someone that will set it up! :slight_smile:

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I’m interested. We will be there Sept 17-22

If we get enough interest, I can administrate the share.

Great!!! How many people do you usually have to a share? I hope we get enough!

The cost is $169, so i’d love to split the cost 6 ways. Anymore than that would be cumbersome. If you are interested, PM me your email address.

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That would be perfect! I’ll send you my email now!

I’m leading one. You can friend me on facebook Michael Stringfellow… just message me & remind me who you are. I’m doing a share from September 6-oct6…It’s my 3rd time… easy… works perfectly

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Or you can email me

Just sent you an email! Thanks!

Sent you an email magical Mike.

Could you give a quick rundown how it works.

I don’t have any experience with the memory maker or sharing it.

How many people are you sharing with so far?

I’m only there for two days, wouldn’t be worth it to get one by myself but sharing sounds interesting


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Sacoward and HakunaMatata93…I’m going to join magical mike’s memory share. You should contact him as well and we can go in together and bring the cost down.

Already did!

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We may have got our #6 family!! hoping…

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Last call for a Sept 6-oct6 MMShare!! we have 6 families…looking for 2 more

email me at and I can explain everything…even if it’s your first time!!

I’m Sept 3 - Sept. 10 - does that work? I’d be interested