Memory Maker share for July 2016

I am going 7/11/16-7/16/16 and would love to do a memory maker share. I’ve never done this or lead a group.

My family and I are going on July 23-29. I would love to do a MM share, but I’m a newbie and wouldn’t know how to lead one.

That’s a start. We need a couple more.

We are going July 14 - 20. We would love to share. We should probably get started as many of us are leaving soon. Jenn, do you want to head this us? If not I can. I’m new at this but have read about how to do it.

Cheryl Peterson

Hi everyone. I just reviewed the plan and it’s $!50 if we order before we get there. If we don’t get anyone else to participate, that would be $50 for each of us. I am fine with that, but can wait another few if everyone wants to.

Everyone needs to have a Paypal account for this to work. It also protects us. Everyone would pay the head of the group and then that person signs up for the plan. Afterwards, they share the password and login information with everyone else. That is my understanding of how this works. Also, I think everyone needs to download their photos within 30 (?) days of the first photo being taken. I will research this more and get back with you. I am certainly not trying to take this over, but if no one else will do it, I will. We just have to get started soon.



I’m fine with $50 each as well. I have a PayPal account. Let me know what you need from me to get started.

Thanks!!! :relaxed:

My father and I will be there July 7-12 and would like to join the group. I have a paypal account.

Thanks for setting this up,

OK everyone, I’m really excited that we have enough people to share this. Let’s give Jenn a couple of days to respond and then I’m ready. If all four of us can do it, it will be about $38 each. Once I get everyone’s Pay Pal payment, I will set it up, then connect all our Disney Experience accounts. Then, you will all share my login details to access pictures where you can edit and print. I’m sending a link where several people talk about it. By page two, they seem to have figured it out. Let me know when you are ready.

I’ve joined a group already. I wasn’t getting any responses here. So sorry. It’s new for the 3 in the group I found as well. Best of luck!

OK, since Jenn has joined another group, we are ready to go. Please send me a paypal for $50.00 and I will get it done and send you the sign in information. My email address for the paypal is If you need more time or have any questions, please send me an email so we can get started. Eric will be there this week, so we need to set it up so he will be able to use it.


You two probably know this, but you need to have Magic Bands to use the on ride picture feature. You also need to go into “my disney experience” and set them up. Let me know if you have trouble.

Cheryl - I just sent you an email.

:slight_smile: Leda

Is the mm share closed? We will be there July 20 and possibly in the park on July 24. Would love to join a group.

Stockdale731 You are definitely welcome to join. That will make four of us, so the payment will be $38. Please send a paypal to



Csun77 As soon as I get the rest of the payments, I will send a refund to you since we now have four people.


Cheryl–no problem! :slight_smile:

Eric, I need your $38 from Paypal. You will be there the earliest and you need to have it three days before you plan to use it. Please send me your Disney ticket numbers or resort confirmation number so I can connect you. If you have your magic bands, I can connect you that way. Either way, we need to do it soon for you.


csun77, I am going to sign us up tomorrow. If the others want to join, they can. Please send me your resort reservation numbers or you ticket confirmation numbers so I can connect us on MDE. Only do this to my private

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for setting this up! I sent you an email with our reservation number (we have magic bands linked to that account), but we have not linked our entry tickets yet) and paypal. Please let me know if you need anything else.


Do you still want to join our group? If so, you need to send me a paypal of $38 to I will also need your confirmation number so I can connect you to the memory maker. Please send via private email above. Thanks, Cheryl