MEMORY MAKER SHARE for 5/25 - 5/31? WDW?

Hey all. We will be at WDW in late May. Will anyone else be there around the same time? If so, would you like to share MM?

Beginning of June for us. I’d love a share!

Great! Let’s wait a bit and see if anyone else would like to join us.

I’m thinking we should create a fake mde account that we both have the login and password for. Then we both link ourselves as friends that can share/view photos. We can buy the memory maker on the fake account and also create a photo pass account linked to the fake mde account. That way we can both have all access to all the photos. I think that will work…what do you think? I shared one earlier in the year, it worked well. There were a few ride photos that didn’t show up but after a quick call in to the photo pass cm’s they were easily found. Just try to keep a good account of when you ride anything with a video/pic so that you can find it if it doesn’t easily get picked up.

I’ll let you take the lead as I am a newbie at MM share! Our dates are 6/2-6/9.

Ok. Sounds Good. Hoping we get more interested, :smiley:

I’ll be there then. Can two groups be there at the same time and share the same MM? No idea how to share but I am interested.

Yes :blush:

Sure! There are groups on her of five or more families sharing MM. Would y’all like to wait a bit longer to see if anyone else is interested or would you rather go forward? As it stands, it will be $57 per person. Well worth it. I’m happy to go either way, :relaxed:

I am going may 21- June 5 and would interested in sharing.

That’s great! That would bring total down to $42.50 each. Great way to save money, :smile:

Sounds good!

Have all of you used memory maker before? I am happy to answer any questions you have about it or send you a link to a good article explaining it. We have up to 3 days prior to the first persons trip to buy it (although that is cutting it a bit close I think). Then at the end of our respective trips we can edit all our photos and try to call and find ones we don’t see (such as ride photos, sometimes they get lost with multiple parties). We have 45 days from the first downloaded picture to download our photos. For example: If I am the first one to get home and look at/edit my pictures, I will probably wait to download any onto my own computer until more of us have gotten back so we will all have more time to play with our pictures. Editing them does not start a clock of any kind so feel free to edit away, :smile:

I’ve not used it before. Looking forward to being in the pictures this time!

@Chela227 I’m new to MM sharing. Can you post the link for the article? Thanks!

Sure! This is one of the most comprehensive articles I have found about the MM. It’s not specifically about sharing though. I have done the sharing with friends and family in the past and have read multiple discussions on the touring plans blog about how exactly to do it and make it fair so that we all have the same access to it.

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I’m interested if you have room for one more. We are there may 23-30.

I’m also interested, we’ll be there 5/30 through 6/6.

Wow! Okay that’s a lot of interested parties, :smile:

I think it’s probably best to limit it to around 5/6 parties to avoid any confusion and also to avoid too many pictures. I have done this in the past and have not found a way to pick and choose which pictures you download. You will need to download all the pics and then delete the ones that you don’t want from your computer…so, we don’t too many parties.

How about we do a role call of people that are interested in sharing and willing to pay for it in the next week or so.

From what I’ve read it’s best to do a general MDE account that we will all have access to and to buy MM from that account. Then we all need to “friend” that account and make sure we tag it as being able to share photos. Also, we can do paypal invoicing to all participants so that you won’t have to send cash or check via us mail (unless you are more comfortable doing that).

I will create a MDE account for all of us when I get an idea of who is wanting to participate and is ready to get going.

Please reply with an affirmative if you are ready and willing to pull the trigger on our share, :fireworks:

@jennafers, @PianoMinnie, @Mom_loves_Mickey, @adamsan1, @disneybill23, @ohio_amy

I’m ready to go whenever it’s set up : )