Memory Maker questions re: associated with AP account

So my wife will have an AP. I have set up everything on my MDE account. it includes her and the kids. Now will mine and all the kids tickets (credit card looking things) or magic bands (if we buy them) be tied to her account to get automated ride pix?

Or does she need to associate me and the kids to her account as well?

Here is my “real” question: As we ride the rides, all of us won’t likely be right next to each other (there is 10 of us). So will MDE associate the kids or me (whoever is NOT next to mom) with her account so we get those pix too?

Would it be wise to get magic bands to make pix taking easier (as well as FP+)?

Everyone who wants to add photos needs to be added to the MDE account that owns the MM entitlement. Yes you need to have yourself and your littles linked to the wife’s MDE Account.


IMHO the magic bands are well worth it. I don’t like to have to keep track of everyone’s tickets, and the MB makes it easy. The MB’s have no impact on GETTING FPP, but it’s easier to USE them than the cards.

For pictures, however, the MB’s come in super handy. There are a few rides that will automatically send the pictures to the MDE of the MB wearer. For instance, when you exit Frozen Ever After there is no bank of screens displaying the ride photos…the photos are sent to the MDE of the riders, IF the riders have MB’s. The cards don’t work with this feature.

However, I believe only one person in your party would need to be wearing the band to make this feature work. And if you are all linked to your wife’s MDE, everyone’s photos will show up in her feed. (Including the rides that need the RFID touch (card or MB) as well as the automatically appearing photos.)

I just got back from a one day MK visit with hard ticket - no magic bands. Here’s what I learned - If you want your ride photos - Pirates, HM, 7DMT, Space you MUST have a magic band.

Those rides detect the RFID in the magic band to take your picture. I was able to get my pics, but only after calling into the PhotoPass help line and waiting on the phone for 45 minutes while an AMAZING CM went through all the pictures taken on the ride during the day. (Luckily as a TP user I knew my time slots when I was on the rides & FPP check-ins helped them too.)

We met Tink in Town Sq and was able to tap the ticket to a sensor and the same at Splash Mt.

My advice… just upgrade it’s worth the few extra $$. Have fun!

So I just fully realized what @AuntB_luvsDisney stated. I need to move my MDE kids over to my wife’s MDE account. Some concerns:

  1. I assume since my kids tix have not yet been activated that this should work.

  2. What happens to the ADRs i made under my account theat have my kids linked on it? Will they automatically drop (like leading FPP reservations) or will they stay in place?

  3. Guessing I should drop a kid, put on wife and transfer one at a time? Or should I call WDW?

UNLESS…is there a way for my wife’s MDE account to “see” my under-18yo kids on my account? I can’t seem to find any setting for that.


See if this helps! Linking Family and Friends in MDE

If you still have problems, Disney will assist you.

Nothing will happen to your ADRs.

Don’t do this! Call Disney if you have trouble after trying to follow the instructions in the above link.

@AuntB_luvsDisney I never thought about “Adding guests” on my wife’s account. (starting a double dose of stupid pills recently). However, it looks funky. MDE is saying there is an invitation to the kids. I log into my account and nothing says accept. See attached photos.

What is also weird, my wife’s MDE account shows 2 invitations per each kid. How do I accept on behalf of the kids?

Sometimes MDE is glitchy. Log completely out and then log back in. Try both the browser and APP. You should get an email notice in your linked email as well as a red notification in MDE.

Got it. Slowly working. Logged into App. Actually had a “accept invitation” link - never seen it before. So now when I log into wife’s MDE, it has 1 of the kids linked. the others are still pending. Guessing this is part of the MDE glitching. Will wait a day and then try resend.

Thank you so much. I would have been so disappointed if not linked correctly and “lost” all those pictures.

Again, thanks to @AuntB_luvsDisney that document helped. For the record, here is what happened on mine. The website was not prompting me to accept my wife’s invitation, but the MDE app did. However, the app just showed a single entry of “accept/decline invitation” However, between our 8 kids, only 1 of them linked.

After trial and error and resend, I realized that I have to click “accept invitation” 8 times in order to link everyone. Now all the kids are shared between our MDE apps. Yeah!

Also, please note, during the invite phase on my wifes account (website) it showed each kid twice. But now that they are linked, they appear once.

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Yay! I am so glad it worked for you and you did not lose any of your 8 children! :wink: Disney IT leaves a lot to be desired.