Memorial day/ end of may early June hours

Back in the day I thought the plan was to avoid Sundays at mk because a lot of people travel on Saturday and that was the most popular place to go first. Has that changed?


The same amount of travelers or more now arrive on a Sunday.

Looking at the Crowd Calendar Historical Data, the past 4 Mondays have seen longer wait times than each of the last 4 Sundays at MK. So recently, Mondays have been a little more crowded than Sundays and would confirm that Sundays are big arrival days.

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This from 2 months ago:

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It may be that more people have the freedom to travel based on when the price is best, rather than based on a traditional work/school week as well, so that may be shifting things slightly.

Looking forward, when I made park reservations for my week (4/11-4/17), MK was available for Sunday but not for Monday as well so it seems that trend will continue after Spring Break too.

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