Extra Magic "Half Hour"-

I’m interested in getting everyone’s ideas on this new “perk” for WDW resort guests. It seems Disney has been regularly opening all parks at least 30 minutes early for all guests since early fall 2020. Do you think this early entry for resort guests will be strictly enforced like it was pre-Covid? Do you think it will be even more beneficial than previous early entry as it applies every day to every park? I am hoping it will be strictly enforced as there are so few resort perks left, and foresee it being even more beneficial than the precious hour at selected parks, because it means fewer people will head to a specific park just for early entry. Thoughts?

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I would be happier with a hour but it is better than nothing. I believe it will more evenly distribute the crowds. I still believe certain days of the week at will be busier such as Magic Kingdom. Things to evaluate are probably what day of the week most people travel? Then what park to most people general visit on their first day. I am sure @len already has the statistics on this.

Saturday and Sunday are the most common travel days (depending on how long your drive is). Magic Kingdom is the most popular first park. :grinning:


I think they will control it like they did for EMH. There seems no point in re-inventing the wheel.


I agree. The question would be whether on site guests are let in more than half an hour before posted opening times and how long they would hold off site guests before releasing them.


At the same time makes no sense to have a pre park opening adr either now… unless it’s a hour before on sight guest and that’s not going to happen. I wonder what percent of onsight guest actually rd?


I think it will be enforced. Otherwise, WDW will have very unhappy on-site guests and lots of complaints.

Yes, because there will be less people in the parks.

Given that some guests like to sleep in and the early wakers will be spread between the 4 parks, I think it will be a nice head start for on-site guests. Maybe 1 headliner and 1 other ride (or at least in a short line for another ride) before other guests arrive. With a 5 day park ticket that is potentially 10 extra rides and a nice (though not a amazing) perk for on-site.