Mears Connect has arrived

Looks like from what I’ve seen pricing is reasonable. I’ll post a pic in a second.

This is the photo I saw of prices.
FYI - the premium service is likely a van service, but with no waits and not shared.
Both options are wheelchair accessible.


I think this is really sad and a good reason to dislike Chapek.

Your WDW vacation began and ended right at the airport. The DME buses look so cool.

Now it’s a bland, generic bus that you have to pay for.

Really struggling to see the point of this.


I will miss DME also, but at least Mears is keeping it reasonable.


We always called the Disney Magical Express taking us back to the airport “the bad bus,” but now I guess it really was a good deal and we are going to miss it. It does seem like a reasonable cost though still not the Disney magic!

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Uber and Lyft would probably be cheaper for a family of 4. Now if this includes my luggage magically appearing in my room, I’d pay. I always used Magical Express for the past eight years. The vacation started and ended with Magical Express. I did Uber back to the airport in November because I knew I would not need three hours with a carry on and pretty empty airport and wanted extra pool time before we left. It was $24 from Pop with tip.


I tried to book but there seems to be a problem with choosing an airline.

People’s mileage will definitely vary.
Not everyone is comfortable with ride-sharing apps.
Some people do not want to haul a car seat.
Some people do not like the uncertainty of whether a ride will be available or if it will be surge priced.
Disabled people in mobility devices are essentially shut out of rideshare.

Nothing about luggage service is mentioned, so I don’t think it’s included.


Worked fine for me.

I keep getting an error message when i choose American Airlines

Agree. If I had a car seat or mobility device, I would definitely avoid a ride share.

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Really? That’s who I trialed it with!

Works on phone not laptop???

I did it on my phone, so that could be it.

I have not looked, but do you have to shelp your own luggage :luggage: to the bus?

It doesn’t say anything about it either way, and I didn’t actually book it for obvious reasons. But since they aren’t advertising it as a perk, I’m assuming they aren’t offering luggage service.

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Bah, not a magical replacement then

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Driving is pretty inconvenient but with this added expense on top of the flights, we may consider driving in May. Plus if we drive, we can extend the vacation by spending our second week on HHI, which is a nice way to decompress before returning to real life.


Maybe I’m missing something, but for a little more we could hire a limo service right? Family of 4?


Depends on the service. You’ll also have to add in tolls and tips.
A family of 4, with 2 adults and 2 kids would pay $118 for the bus service round-trip. You’re not getting a towncar service for that.

Edit: Happy Limo charges $186 for their Lincoln MKT car service round trip. Plus tip.