Mears Connect from MCO

For those wondering how Mears is doing now that Disney is no longer footing the bill, I took it for the first time on Tuesday 1/11

First let me say the from the beginning the process is much easier. Everything can be done online and you get an immediate confirmation. In the past you would have to call MDE or set up request online and wait for a response. After that you could not actually see your reservation anywhere, with Mears you can go to their website at any time, put in your confirmation and see your reservation.

Changes are much simpler as well. If your airline changes your flight time or number, as airlines do, you can very easily make any changes online.

24 hours before you land you get an email from Mears with a QR code (boarding pass). Then when you land they will text you a link to the QR code.

Of course MC is located in the same spot as MDE. When I arrived it was empty, they scanned my boarding pass and i was on a bus in less than 5 minutes. I waited on the bus for 6 minutes and we were on our way.

It was me and one other family. They were going to Poly and I was going to BLT.

For me this is a great option for transport form the airport. I am usually solo or with DW but we usually fly in and out at different times so this is much less expensive than Uber or Lift. I am just hoping enough people use it to make it viable to keep it going


Here are the rates:
Adults: one way $16 round trip $32
Children 3-9: one way $13.50 round trip $27

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Thanks for the report- it’s very helpful!

I have read some reports online that the airport to hotel leg was seamless and better than DME (like your experience), but that the return trip did not go well. Would you mind updating once you have the return trip to the airport?


Thanks for the first hand account. Really helpful.

I’ve historically used DME for airport to hotel, but Uber for the return. DME left far too early. (I use business class check-in and I have TSA Precheck, so I’ve never had much of a wait at the airport.)

I have read this same thing. I’m looking forward to an update after the return trip.


I will be happy to. DW leaves on Mon and I leave the end of next week so I can give you 2 experiences.

One thing of note, Mears has already sent me confirmations for our departures which are between 3 to 3.5 hrs before our flight so maybe a bit longer of a lead time than MDE.


Yes this is still true, if you want more park time and less time sitting in the airport Uber/Lyft would still be a good option.

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The return trip times were, at least in the first few days, crazy early - much more than 3 hrs in some cases. IIRC one guest who had an 8pm flight was told they would be picked up at 1pm.

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Wow, I guess Disney was trying to minimize the number of busses. I had no problems in December with MDE. Just over 3hrs before flight.

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I did wonder if it was related to the lingering holiday rush back home as this was within the first couple of days of its existence. I did try to help someone set up a reservation beforehand, too, though and there were some crazy options for return times not unlike that example. For my own trip I decided not to take the chance - it was a short trip with some very specific timelines - but I would be interested in knowing how smoothly things go for me next one in 100 days with my family.

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DME used to pick us up at least 4 hours before our (international) flight, Mears are planning to pick us up 3hrs 20 mins before. I’m a little nervous about that. Last trip we barely made it through security before boarding started.

I think you can ask for an earlier pickup.


Good to know, thanks. We’re still 6 months out so it’s booked but I haven’t looked into the detail yet.

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Yes, I think I might be concerned about that as well.

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I have not tried to request an earlier time and not sure if you can do that online. With TSA pre check I always have too much time.


I’ll look into it, thanks.

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I used Mears Connect yesterday picking me up at Pop Century. My flight was at 10:25 am and my scheduled pick up time was for 7:05 am. We were the last resort to be picked up. I don’t know how many stops were before me and what their pick up time were. One thing I found interesting was that we had to stay on the bus while the driver unloaded the bags. Once the bags were unload, then we could get off the bus.


I was going to take it on Monday morning, but am now catching a ride with friends. When I went into the website to cancel, it could not “find” my reservation. I’ve sent them an email. We’ll see what happens.

Are you booked to go back to the airport on Mears? Do you know your pick-up time yet? I’m debating adding them for the return.

3-1/2 hour lead time to get to the airport makes me think I’ll just Lyft. Thanks for the first hand experience!

Update! I already received an email confirming my cancellation from Mears. Honestly, on my own, Mears is a bargain compared to Lyft. I would definitely use for the airport to resort portion.

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