Meanwhile, while waiting for the apocalypse

It seems we are nearing an ACTUAL trip to Disney (and Universal…poor Universal…always the forgotten child). Like, the parks are actually opening, and the following is done!

  1. Entire trip is financed. Actually, BOTH trips are financed. We’ve been saving for more than 3 years, and despite the fact that the budget for the August trip has ballooned as out of control as the national debt, I still have all the money there sitting my savings account to cover everything.

  2. Meals have been planned and budgeted. We spent several hours (and by “we”, that mostly means my wife…but I helped a little by being Mr. Calculator) going through all of our planned places to eat, making sure they were open, and double-checking if the food items we had previously wanted are still on the menu (in some cases, they weren’t).

  3. MagicBands have arrived!

  4. I’ve input all our Disney Gift Cards into the Disney Gift Card website and consolidated them to make their use more efficient.

  5. Similarly, I’ve transferred the remainder of my Disney Visa Rewards dollars to my rewards card. (Side note: This trip will mostly be charged to the Disney Visa card, like the room, etc, so that we’ll earn fresh Disney Rewards dollars for our December trip.)

  6. We have, I’m pretty sure, all of our clothes ready to go (Disney T-shirts, masks, etc). We just are waiting for the actual packing!

  7. We have our days plotted out (meaning, a loose plan as to what we hope to do each day…not a full on Touring Plan, which seems a bit nebulous and unnecessary at the moment).

So, apart from some apocalyptic event such as an Earthquake swallows up Orlando, the return of Jesus himself, or politicians from both sides of the aisle start agreeing, we’re going to Disney World! (Ahem…and Universal!)


Congrats! Don’t worry, it is not an earthquake, it is the meteor breakup that destroys central Florida (Greenland the movie coming out)

That might be okay. Very cinematic. Like the a scene from Deep Impact.

When I announced something similar last night, everyone piled in and told me I was a selfish so-and-so who was needlessly risking his own life and that of others and that I Should Not Go.

I’ll be interested to see if you’re met with the same response.

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I am going at the end of august. My parents have some mild concerns (e.g. stuck, quarantined there, etc.) but as of now, no major flack from them or anyone else. GAME ON!

Meh. Wouldn’t bother me. We’re all being super cautious, and even getting our COVID-19 tests for potential exposure and all before we head down. And upon return, NONE of us would be impacted if there was suddenly a forced 14-day quarantine after coming back from Florida, since we can work from home. (Well, my DS18 and DD16 can’t…but they wouldn’t be out much money, since they are only working part-time jobs at LIttle Caesars.)

But all in all, everything I’m seeing about the practices at WDW, I feel safe enough…possibly safer than when we go out shopping for groceries.


Well, I’m a notoriously sensitive bunny.

Horrifyingly, I agree with you.


You know…you could look at it another way. Not that you agree with me, but that I agree with YOU. :wink:

I find that equally horrifying. It is comforting for me to know that you are wrong about everything. (Just like @missoverexcited is wrong about everything. It’s just a different set of everything that’s she’s wrong about. Like what rides are good rides, and whether screaming on rides should be punishable with the death penalty.)

The really awful truth is that I’m looking forward to your trip and hearing all about it. You’ve been wittering on about it for so long now, I can’t remember a time when you weren’t planning it.

And I genuinely hope you and your family have a really terrific time. You might be a terrible, terrible person who’s wrong about everything, but even you deserve a break and a bit of happiness once in a while.

Also, if you do have a good time, it will make it more likely that I’ll take my October trip. I obviously won’t have a good time because it will be raining the whole time when I go.

And therein lies the real selfishness. By going to WDW (and UOR, ahem) I will ruin thousands of families’ vacations by bringing relentless rain with me.

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No, no. It doesn’t work like that. In this image, you are Eeyore, and Pooh is everyone else:


Me, too! It is growing tiresome planning and re-planning for a trip like this for what is going on YEARS. :confused:


I hope you have a great trip! I can’t wait to read all about it.


I think the people who attended the MVMCP that I attended last year would disagree with you. Even Disney was so shocked by the horror that they refunded everyone’s money.

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So what you’re actually saying is…I’m wrong? :astonished:

That’s what I’m always saying all the time. It’s frankly exhausting. I feel like I need some kind of vacation to get away from it for a while. Any recommendations?

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This is such a terrific post! I agree with @mousematt, you’ve been planning for years and it is so great to see it happening!

Alton Towers? I can’t think of anywhere else better…(that I wouldn’t want you to ruin for others).


This is wholly unrelated to the thread, but I just saw it on Facebook and it made me smile.

I’ve very cleverly hidden this from you all, but I’m in a very grumpy mood today, so me smiling is a good thing. It makes it less likely (albeit marginally) that I will attack someone with an axe.


Sounds great Ryan!
Looking forward to hearing all about it!

So trip planning without FPP., that’s gotta be odd eh.

If I may, quick noob questions about Step 4.
Consolidating gift cards?
What’s that about and what’s the advantages?