MDE site issues, linking tickets and missing Magicbands!


A funny thing happened to my MDE account yesterday and I wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue and how they got it resolved if they did?

Basically, we reserved a stay at the Poly in November by using DVC rentals and we purchased our tickets at a Discount online. My MDE account has been fine showing our Resort Reservation and I have been sitting on the tickets I purchased until we were closer to our vacation date to keep the ticket return option open to me.

Anyway, for the longest time, my Magicband selections were all set as well. Each of my family members chose their color and so I thought they were ready to go and be shipped to us in October.

However, recently I finally linked our tickets to each family member, which by the way was a wonky experience that was littered with problems that required me to try linking tickets more than once as well as refresh the browser several times, and even after linking the tickets they would randomly show up as linked and other times they would not. Finally, they are showing up properly.

I then decided to look at my Magicband order only to find that my selections were gone? And in its place were grayed out inactive Magicbands and cards from our last two trips and one active card for each of us except my Sons which was missing? and at the top of the page, there is a red error message that says “Error: We are unable to display certain MagicBand order details at this time. If some or all of your orders are not present, please refresh the page or try again later.”?

I have contacted support chat twice which is not getting very good results and i read a thread on another website of people having similar issues and that the ended up calling IT to get it fixed.

So I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue? If they got it resolved and how? I would call IT support but I can not locate a number for IT support? Anyone know the number I should call and actually speak to a support rep?

A lot of people have been having issues like this in the last couple days. At least some have recovered everything; there is already a thread about this, I don’t know how to paste it here but I’ll try.

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The whole thing has been a disaster this week

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Ya they are having a lot of problems! I just got home from work and am calling support and there is a pre-recorded message stating they are having a several issues on the MDE site and and are working to fix the issues asap. I am now on hold for 30 plus minutes to speak with a rep!

I guess I gotta get primed for those long Disney wait times some how! To bad there is not a fast pass for Disney support! LOL!

To be continued…

I am having the same problems. On
MDE I have 25 friends listed for our party of 11! Some names in our party were listed two or three times. I called, received a recording that the hold wait time was 60 min. Sent an e-mail to guest services, received a generic response that someone would research the problem and get back to us within 3 days. Only have 6 days til FPP selection so I sure hope they get this resolved soon. So frustrating!

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Yup, I’m having issues also. Finally got some down time with the busy fall schedule to sit the family down to pick bands and can’t access page. I had everybody pick a color so when it comes back up I can order them. It would have been so fun to order them together though!

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I am having trouble with magicband stuff too. I am staying onsite and am unable to select magic bands. It says that I need to link a reservation, but it is linked. My fastpass day is tomorrow so I want to make sure my reservation is linked correctly so I can make FPP in the morning. I called and they said the wait is 60 minutes. Since I have things to do I am just sitting on hold. I am at 51 minutes waiting. I will update if I get the issue resolved.

Did you wait longer then an hour? Is it resolved? I need to check my MDE.

ETA: fingers crossed for your FPPs!

Mine is still messed up. All m resides are there and I even have duplicates fp. For example I have 4 fast passes for one day. 2 of them are for is at 9:10. My family and friends avatars are gone and when I try to add them there is a note saying an invitation has been sent. Don’t know what that means. I tried calling Disney last night 45 minute wait for technical problems,

Update: Last night when I finally talked to someone after an hour on hold, she confirmed that my resort reservation was linked. She confirmed that there was some glitch that was keeping me from selecting my MagicBands. I could have selected them over the phone with her, but I didn’t know which colors. Because my trip is not for 60 days she recommended waiting to see if it clears up. She did put in a request to have it fixed. I was more worried about not being able to make fast passes this morning. But it worked… I have my fast passes, except for FOP which was gone. We will try to RD it. Good luck to everyone dealing with issues. I did print my fast passes out just in case they disappear.


Pure speculation here… But I’m starting to wonder if Disney got hacked and is trying to keep it under the radar? These are not just small glitches and is obviously effecting everyone for an extended period of time. If it were a small glitch it would have been fixed by now since I gather from other forum posts this has been going on for a while now.

I feel bad for the support members at this point who are obviously getting flooded with calls and having to help people manually.

This is a very good point and very worrisome. We should keep an eye on this.

I had problems the other day accessing anything on MDE and now one of my formerly linked tickets for a friend I am traveling with is no longer visible. The other two of us are listed with our tickets (linked at same time). Her FPP+ still appear as I see them listed as party of 3 which includes this friend by name. All my other reservations seem to be there. Ugggg–I just don’t have free time to sit around on hold for an hour for their dumb tech glitches. Anyone have anything similar?

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I decided to do my online check-in tonight. After I completed that step, I was then able to get to my magic bands and select colors. Fingers crossed they are all set now.

We were in the parks last week and it all went down on Tuesday afternoon and has been spotty ever since. FPs going in and out, resort information disappearing, Memory Maker photos not showing up, ride wait times not working. It really took away some of the magic while we were there, but we muddled through using old-school ways of working through things. Maps, Fast Pass kiosks, etc.

I’m an IT person and I’m less inclined to think hack as much as catastrophic server or data center failure. Sometimes those can take upwards of weeks to track down and bring back online. Still, it would be nice if they’d give us a bit more information. When you pay so much money to hit the parks and stuff doesn’t work as promised it’s quite frustrating.


I tried to do the online check-in, it took three attempts to get it to stick and each time I got an email immediately after saying my account had been modified?

After it finally accepted my online-check in, the Magicbands order section is still screwed up? I did manage to call and waited an hour to finally speak to a support rep last evening and was told that my issue has been noted and that they will look into it and that it could take up to a week to get it resolved.

I’ve been cautiously checking my MDE account while the issues others are having have been reported. So far, the only ‘issue’ i notice is an ADR I cancelled has shown back up. Compared to others, I guess I really have no issues. However, I’ve not been brave enough to attempt any modification to any FP for fear of something going off the rails. All I’ve done is look to make sure the pre-existing ADRs and FPs are still there. So far, so good. We are 19 days out and I sure don’t want to screw things up now. Our first trip and I’m nervous enough already…

I would not be nervous, you’re going to Disney!!! That is cause for celebration and you can plan till your blue in the face but things usually never go completely according to plan in any situation, especially at Disney. Planning and educating yourself is key to a great trip, but if your plans get side tracked a little it is nothing to fear, just roll with it.

My first trip to Disney, I was nervous like you and tried hard to stick to my plans and reservations, which had me tugging my family all over the place like a drill sergeant, I would stress about getting to a dinner reservation or fastpass in time or getting the best view of fireworks or a parade and just trying to fit everything into our vacation. There is literarily so much to see and experience it is only natural to want to experience it all but impossible to do so in one vacation.

On our next trip I reflected on all the stress I placed on myself and my family with all my planning and realized it was better to still plan as much as possible but to just roll with the unexpected. When I did that… The magic was all around us and made for one hell of a vacation!



I am 33 days out, and noticed this weekend that the Magic Band selections were gone. I tried calling and navigating through the menu options to website support (30+ minute hold and got cut off). Tried using the website chat support (very slow and clunky). Finally sent an email with my details and problem. Waited 24-hours and no response… SO… I called back today and selected Reservations, found a helpful cast member and got fixed.

It is concerning that the web issues might not be automatically fixed unless we call… I hope there isn’t another problem lurking unnoticed. All reservations & FP appear OK.

Question: what kind of notification do we get when the Magic Bands have shipped and do the luggage tags come with? Thx