MDE FPP this morning


None of my FPP seem to be on MDE this morning. On the app or website. I’m assuming that it’s just a glitch they’re having this morning. Or, should I call?

MDE site issues, linking tickets and missing Magicbands!

My resort info, along with bus schedules, as well as a few of my one-day tickets seem to be missing as well. I’d say they’re having issues.


Thanks. My brain knows that but my heart skipped a beat. Lol.


Oh boy. I am NOT logging into MDE until someone reports it’s repaired !!! Don’t think I can survive that much anxiety !!!


Yeah, you’d better believe I have plans at 25 days out lol.


Oh. My. God. :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Mine too!


I got a Reservation Finder alert for CRT and I couldn’t even get into the stupid site to try to book it. I tried on mobile, on app, on website…finally after 10 minutes of refreshing and opening a third browser, I got the dreaded paws message (shocking). Their website issues are beyond frustrating :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Has this happened before ? If so, did they recover the info or did people lose their reservations and fastpasses ?


This is why I screenshot all my plans, I’m not sure how it could help, but its something lol.


All your plans should still be there. The system usually just does not show it.


I can’t see my plan on the MDE app, but if I look in via a browser, all my plans are there.

@DisneyDayDreamin - Ugh, that is SO frustrating! I hope you are able to get on and get the reservation.


Oh no! I’m sorry. Maybe nobody else could snag it either.


Mine weren’t showing on the pc this morning but all are back now. App wasn’t showing, but did when I uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Happy Tuesday y’all.


Awesome !!! That was so scary man…


I just logged out and back in to resolve the issue


Issue seems to come and go but I’m sure they’re working on it.


Disney can do so many unbelievably complicated things, you’d think they’d be able to have an app that works well !!!


Yeah, it’s really shocking to me as a newbie to Disney planning. I expected their IT to be top notch. I was also surprised to hear how often rides go down, but I’m glad we’re mentally prepared for that.


Same here. Rides down has not been an issue for us in the past (maybe I should not have said that and I just jinxed it, hope not lol). We have missed some stuff in the past though because of refurbs and there is nothing of that sort this time around so pretty psyched. Will at last be able to go on PotC (didn’t have enough time when I was a kid and was on refurb both times I went as an adult) !!