MDE question about adding guests

Several months ago, we had tried to set up our MDE guests, but kept running into a roadblock/glitch. Since our trip isn’t until May, we just set it aside for now.

Today, I thought I’d try again and see if Disney has fixed the glitch. But now, I just can’t figure out how to do what I want to do.

Here’s the scoop. There are two groups. First group is me, my wife, and 3 of my kids. I have a single MDE account set up where I then added them all in as guests that I manage.

The second group is my DS21 and his wife. He, similarly, set up an MDE account in his name and added his wife as a managed guest.

I have been able to link up with my DS21, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to link up with my DIL. The one way I thought would work seems to, instead, just create a new guest managed by me with the correct name, but not associated with my DS21.

Any input on what I need to do?

Interested as well - i had my son and husband setup accounts last night to help with FPs - but they can only see me and not each other or my daughter - really not understanding how to get everyone linked on all accounts :frowning:

I have a similar situation where I have an MDE with my husband and kids managed by me. Then my mother has an MDE with my Dad managed by her. I think I went through my mom/dad’s MDE to connect both of them to me. I believe once you add your son you should also be able to see all of his managed people? Are you sharing ALL plans?

You have to invite her through him. I can’t remember how though. I followed @AuntB_luvsDisney’s very clear instructions, I’ll see if I can find them.

I cannot, unfortunately. Perhaps there is something he needs to do in his account first.

This is it, it has screenshots so you can’t go wrong.

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You need to send the invite to the DIL, but using DS’s email address. He can then accept on her behalf, since she’s managed by him. Make sure you spell her name exactly as he has it set up.

Edited: use the screenshots from @missoverexcited!

Thanks. I’ll take a look and see if it helps!

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Thank @AuntB_luvsDisney!

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Hmm. Unfortunately, it isn’t working out for me. The step where it says I should be able to “Find through my connected guests” doesn’t work. I just get a message that says, “There are no connected guests you may add at this time.”

I know that my DS21 is managing my DIL’s account, though, because we sat together and set it up months ago.


So you need to add her by name, exactly as it’s spelt on his account, and invite her through his email.

All right. I’ll give that a try next.

Well…I have to wait for my son now, because I can’t for the life of me remember which email address he used to set up his MDE account. He has like 6 different email addresses!

I’m sure he’s busy doing lesser important things like work to respond to my query.

I was going to say, @Nickysyme for the win…only…not quite.

The invitation went out, and my DIL’s name briefly appeared in my list as pending.

My son then accepted the invitation.

But, alas, her name disappeared from my list now. I then got an email CONFIRMING the wrong thing:

I didn’t accept anything. My son did. And my son doesn’t share my first name. :confused:

That happened to me too now I think about it. The second time I did it, it worked.

Okay. I’ll give it a go. But if it doesn’t work, I’m going to blame you entirely! (Either that, or Disney. One of the two.)

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I have no idea how or why it didn’t work the first time and did the second! I don’t claim to be an expert.

Well, it didn’t work. So I had to call. The lady didn’t even see my son’s wife listed under HIS account (even though he could see her). Anyhow, she seems to have fixed everything because now my DIL is showing up as my friend managed by my son. So, hopefully all is well.


I had to call as well - couldnt figure it out - now everyone is connected with everyone - would have helped if it was this morning :roll_eyes:

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