MDE and multiple users

Thus far I have been the one doing all the planning and such for our December trip to WDW. I have our tickets linked and assigned and have played around with booking FPP and canceling, modifying, etc., just to get a feel for it. I recently created a MDE account for my husband to try adding “friends and family” to my account. So I linked us in there and I can book FPP for him and reassigned a ticket to him. He doesn’t have the app yet, just a MDE account.

So my question is, if he downloads the app can he make FPP for me and the others that are linked in my account (and already have tickets attached to them)? Or does he need to add them, too? Can he add someone who I have but who doesn’t have a MDE account? We have kids and grandparents coming who don’t have the app or a MDE account, but it’d be nice to know if he has the ability to change their FPP, change a dining reservation I made, etc., or if that is solely on me since I assigned their tickets to all of them? I was thinking it might come in handy when our 30-day window comes for us to both be on to make FPP selections, plus if we’re separated in the parks and someone needs to change something.

Does this question make sense? Thanks!

Did you create a separate account for DH or just add him as a “managed by you” profile in your account?

In other words, did you create an account for him and then send him an email asking him to accept?

If not, then for him to use MDE he will have to sign in as you.

Personally I set all my family up as separate users and then told them what to do! Just makes sense for us, we all like to go off and do things alone at times.

However if you’ve already assigned tickets, then it might need a call to IT to sort it out and start again. Might be easier to just continue with you managing everyone.

I created an account for him, sent him an email, he accepted it. Then I assigned a ticket to him. I’m just not sure if he’ll be able to, for example, make a FPP for me (or especially for our kids, since they won’t have MDE since they’re 4, 6, and 8). I’m wondering if only I can make plans for the ones I’m planning for (like the kids) or if he can add them, too? Or if they show up in his friends and family list by default when he links to me?

I’m about 99% sure that my in-laws are not going to get accounts and the app. That’s ok, I really think they’re going to be flexible. I’m mainly wondering about if DH can make plans for our kids that are in my account, especially since we have various people flying into MCO at different points and airport runs will be happening, leaving one of us with the kids and one going to the airport.

I think he will be able to. As long as you’re all linked as friends and family, it should be fine.

But others will chime in, I’m sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I guess we’ll just have to download it and see!

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Our MDE account is in my name but is considered our “family’s “account. My DH and I both login to the app on our phones and can do whatever needs to be done. It seems like it would over complicate things to create separate accounts and link them. You can have your account open on more than one device at the same time so I don’t think having multiple accounts would make it any easier.

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Ahh, it never occurred to me to put my account on his phone. Thanks!

(I don’t want to hijack your question, but I asked this yesterday and you all seem to have more info…)

So, I currently have an account that we’ve had for years with both of my kids (and my husband) on it. I’m the only one w/ an actual account. For our trip this summer, my dd will be 17yo and I wanted her to be able to use the MDE app on her phone, but not necessarily be logged into my account.

Can I just make the name that is under my account into a separate account for her or does she have to make an entirely new one?

Since I responded in your thread, I’ll link it here to provide closure.

And as for the OP:

Because I was doing DS13 a week before his 13th Bday (Disney’s minimum age to have your own account), I had them link him to me (his only trip with a MB was with his aunt), and had to wait to get him an account until he turned 13. Had to get the linking done then in order to set up his tickets and FPs.

It is therefore my understanding that you can have an “underage” friend that is linked to multiple users accounts, but that it can only be done by a “privileged user” at the helpdesk. Call them for assistance.


Thank you!

Like I said, it’s easier for me to just share my account with my family. Maybe I should have more trust issues :blush:but I am paying most of the expenses when at Disney and don’t have teenagers. Plus I can’t walk and operate my phone at the same time! I am terrible about entering any data into my plans (or getting my 4th FPP) and need my kids to do it for me. I have always admired the Liners who talk about multi tasking.

So when in the parks - can multiple phones be signed into the same MDE account and book FPP? I’m thinking of best way to manage a party a 7 in the parks. Most are reluctant to have their own accounts. Tickets already purchased and and attached to everyone as guests on my account.