Accessing MDE

Our last trip pre-dates MDE so I need a bit of help w/ this.

If I am traveling with my 17yo dd, how does she access MDE since she is currently listed under my account and doesn’t exist in their system otherwise?

Do I delete her from my account and have her make a new one or can we separate the one I have and allow her to register from there?

I don’t really want her to have access to my account, but would like her to be able to navigate MDE for herself.

If you want her to be able to access MDE without using your account, then I think she’ll need to create her own account.

Try deleting her, then get her to create an account. You may need to call if you have problems, but hopefully not.

Use your account to send her an “invitation” to MDE. She should be able to use the provided link to sign up and retain all of her existing bands, plans, etc

If she signs up using the link and it somehow drops the friend-connection, the helpdesk number will get you sorted in ~10 mins.

I had to do this with DS15 and DS13 just a couple months ago.


Excellent, thank you!

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So I’m reviving this thread to ask a followup question-
I am planning for my family and invited my daughter to connect with her own account. Which she did.

Now her character is gone. She’s still listed as friends & family and I can still plan for her, but I can do nothing with her character (which is a generic Mickey profile that I don’t want to look at for the next six months) or make any other updates to her profile because the data in the profile is basically gone.

She gave herself a character, but I don’t see it.

Did I do something wrong?

No. You can’t see anything because it’s her account. I can only see my character, DH and the boys are just the black Mickey heads on a blue circle. I just see their name and 18+ as their age. They control their character etc. from within their own account.

As long as you can plan for her, that’s all good!

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You sure about that? I would think if the daughter changes her character from within her account that character should show up in the friends and family list of people she is connected with.

When I was first connecting to people in my travel party a few months ago I had some issues with duplicates where I would see a generic Mickey and a second listing with the character icon they had chosen. Maybe something similar is happening here? But currently for all the people in my party that have their own MDE account and have chosen a character, I see that reflected in my list under my account. A (relatively) painless call to Disney sorted out the duplicates issue.

I guess if you can plan for her and make sure that she can see whatever’s booked through her own account you should be good. I would hate to go through all the planning though to find out later there is a duplicate account in the system.

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Well my DH and two boys each have their own account. All I see is the black Mickey on the blue circle. But they have their own characters on their accounts. They also don’t see my character on their account either, got DH to check. They have never had managed accounts, so no duplicates can have existed.

If you don’t manage their accounts, I don’t see why you would necessarily see their characters. Either way, I still did all the planning etc.

Mind you, I can’t recall if I could see their characters when we were there, so maybe it’s changed…

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I wish they would have placed a warning about how the profile would change should an invitation be accepted. She’s not that into the whole MDE thing, we just did it for fun so she could follow the planning as she no longer lives at home. If she deletes her account will it revert?

I’m hoping that because I sent her an invitation that led her through the steps to set up a new account (as opposed to linking up an existing account), that the chance of duplication is less. So far I don’t see a duplicate. But yes, she picked another character and I’m not seeing it, it’s annoying.

My wife’s avatar shows up on my MDE account. Always has. Of course we both have permission to view and change plans on the other’s account. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

To the earlier question, in the beginning she didn’t have her own account but was just set up under mine. When she created her own account I sent her an invite. Once she accepted the only thing that really changed was that I could no longer manage her tickets. I can see them, but I don’t have the option to reassign then.

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Okay, that might help. I doubt my daughter has done anything with that option to view her plans. We’ll give that a try, thanks,