May trip, Touring Plan critiques

I’d appreciate any input anyone has into this plan. There will be 7 of us: Myself, DW, DS22 and DIL, DS18, DD16, and DS10.

Starting with MK Day 1. Goal is to do Adventureland and Frontierland (except TSI, which is on another day), plus bonus HM.

Since we’ll be scheduling FPs at 30 days, I don’t think we’ll have a lot of luck getting morning FPs for 7 of us, so I focused on trying to get FPs for Adventureland in the afternoon.

Goal is to be done and out of the park before dinner.


Unfortunately, it will be closed for our trip. :cry:

How dare they!!! That almost warrants a rescheduled trip in my book!

I hear you! As I lamented in another thread, my DS10 was 6 for our last Disney trip in 2016, and BTMRR was under refurbishment. We were really excited that he’d get to experience it this trip…and then, bam…they close it for refurbishment! :confused:

That’s so sad. Someday he’ll get to ride BTMR; until then at least he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

I would be suspicious of an 18 minute wait at 0940 for Space Mt. It looks like your CL is predicted at 5, which is what ours was on Monday 13 Jan. My son liked Space Mt. enough that he wanted to do it again our second MK day (first day had a FP), so after we rope dropped Jungle Cruise (our last main attraction to hit), we headed immediately there. Our wait time was 25 minutes (incidentally our longest wait) after queuing up at 0920. When we got off, Disney was posting wait times closer to an hour.

Here’s our day:
MK trip report

Yeah, you’re probably right. I am hoping to get a SM Fastpass in the morning, although I’m not 100% sure that is best, anyhow, since the time saved for the other FPs later in the day may be better choices…and I’m not convinced there will be any same-day FPs for what we want when we want them, so I’m pretending they won’t exist.

I could put SM first, then Buzz, and Astro Orbiter third…of course, wait times for AO and BLSRS jump up, but it isn’t bad.

ETA: Okay, I modified it, changing the order in Tomorrowland.

And here is Day 2. This is the trickiest day to plan! HS Day. Basically, planning to do RD to closing, and I tried to order things in a way that would allow me to swap ROTR with whatever is in any time slot I’m given.

I think Space Mt. first as a RD walk-on is best. I think you’ll save the most time, assuming your near the front of RD crowd (probably even if your ar not). We didn’t rope drop that side of MK either day, but I imagine it’s similar to the Adventureland RD crowd in that neither is like the FantasyLand RD crowd.

The big problem on day 1 is that there is EMM that morning, so the Fantasyland crowd will likely be heading to Tomorrowland next. Anyhow, I hope to be there for RD, but don’t plan to be AHEAD of the RD crowd…just part of it.

Here’s hoping they all head to HM first instead.

I’m an eternal optimist so bare with me on this one. Only 2 rides as tier 1 seems odd to me. Everyone has the ability to use FP+. Are they assuming SDD & MFSR FP+ lines can accommodate HS’s entire crowd? I think not, which makes me think maybe MMRR will be tier 1 as soon as it opens??? I know, its optimistic, but its a theory.

I think MMRR will eventually be tier 1. Not sure if it will be initially, nor by our trip. Regardless, it won’t change much for us. We’ll have to do Standby for those rides regardless since we only get to book 30 days out.

No. They assume most people will still have to wait in the standby queues.

Everything I’ve read about Jedi Training says you need to be there 30 minutes before the show starts. Also I’ve seen that it’s 20-25 minutes long, as opposed to the 15 minutes in TP. I added a couple of breaks in my plans on either side of it to play it safe.

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We’ll be in the park at 7:00, so we can sign up on our way to SWGE. But Touring Plans won’t let me schedule anything before 9:00.

My plan actually has 27 minutes of free time around lunch that will allow proper cushioning.

Are you starting things at 7:00am assuming they’ll be continuing the early opens into May?

Yes. If that changes, I will have to replan by eliminating things. Jedi Training is something my DS10 isn’t even sure he wants to do, for example.

Yeah, we’re heading out in mid-April; I suppose I could make a similar 7am plan, as well.

We’re doing only Star Wars stuff on one HS day, but everything is in such flux that I’ve just got a basic template assuming no FP+ except probably Star Tours…

Was thinking another tier 1 option might add more tier 1 availability to 30-dayers, but yes, its a bit overly optimistic.