May Memory Maker Share

Hey all -
Just purchased my memory maker for my May trip. I’ll be there May 8-15th and have managed two other shares before. If you’re interested and have dates relatively close to mine, let me know! (@Jeff_AZ @poohfanclub think you both are there around this time?!)


We will be there May 2-8-would that work?

I will be there May 23rd to June 5th. How long do the shares work for?

In any case I’ll think about it. Thanks for the heads up!

I will be there May 7-18 and was on the fence about purchasing Memory Maker. I think I would bite the bullet if photos were maskless. I have a 2 and 1 year old, so while pictures are always an adventure, I figured maybe with a professional taking the photos, they would be able to get better pictures than a random stranger we ask to take a photo of us quick.

I have seen people in the past mention sharing Memory Maker, how does that work?

I’ve done memory maker share twice now. It’s relatively easy, though RotR boarding groups and family/friends lists have made it a little less straight forward.

Basically, I’d have my dog’s MDE account “own” the share. He’ll invite anyone we have participate - a group of 4-5 is a good size - to be part of his friends and family list. (Several folks I did it with last time accepted the invite after they did boarding groups or when they got home.) Any pictures that use his friends and family magic bands will show up there. We have 45 days from the first picture taken to start downloading and I think we have 30 days from the first download or maybe the last day in the park - I’ll pull instructions from my computer this week to confirm - to download any of them. I’d give everyone my dog’s log in information so you can download directly when we’re all back.

Given timing, @Jeff_AZ is probably a little too late to participate in this one. But @Limace and @ericlr90, if you’re interested, we could make it work. @ericlr90, my kids are 5 and 2. I did masked photos in October with them (at 4 and 1) and you can still tell they’re smiling. It’s in their eyes. But yeah, I had a hard time justifying the whole price at the time. If four of us go in, it’s only $42.50 each. With 5, it’s $33.80. If you want to buy a single photo it’s I think $10 or $13.


So to clarify, we could get all the pictures taken during the trip, and then link up as friends and family after the trip, and all my photos would appear on the dog’s account? Even if we weren’t friends and family during the trip?

From my understanding, even if I was friends and family with your dog during the trip, as long as the dog doesn’t have a park pass for HS that day, it shouldn’t mess with the BG process, but I understand people not wanting to take any risks with that process.

I will talk it over with the DW and see what she thinks.

Thanks for thinking of us! I am trying to decide if I want to or am eligible to reactivate my cancelled AP though. If I do that , it comes with Memory Maker.

Yes, exactly! In my last share, some of us were friends before the trip and some waited until after. No one had problems.

Makes sense! Just let me know what you decide!

If you spot a later group, tag me pretty please? Our park days will be 5/31-6/12, and I’m definitely interested in participating (but not running one). I actually think masked pictures will be pretty historical for my kids to look back at someday.

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I’ll keep an eye out! There is a Facebook group I think that does a rolling one but I haven’t looked into it in detail (there’s a thread for it somewhere here). I will probably not do one myself since I’m a control freak. :joy:

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Here’s someone who is using the Facebook page for Memory Maker:

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I’m there 4/30-5/3 . I’m interested in joining if you have room and my dates work!

Found it! Thanks!

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Our dates overlap! I’d be willing to join a group. I’d rather do a small group but even 2 or 3 people dramatically drops the price. Disclaimer: I have no idea how to run a group.

I have no idea (or desire!) to run one. It sounds like this Joshua Todd on Facebook has it down to a science? I might just go that route.

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It does sound daunting!

Slightly, but I’m also lazy. :wink:

Hey sorry, I am out. I couldn’t convince the wife. Tried my best, but she’s can’t get over the masked photos. (She also apparently booked a photo session next week for my son’s 1st birthday and another family one at the end of May for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, so she wasn’t easy to convince we should buy a third).

We are in! Assuming we are able to go-likelihood getting higher every day and crossing fingers hard.